[Community-Discuss] Final Call for Comments on Code of Conduct

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Fri Jul 16 15:19:22 UTC 2021


I've sent already a couple of emails to comms about my concerns on the CoC. I can only find right now the last one, but I've the feeling that my previous inputs haven't been considered.

I think it will be nice, when some inputs are not considered, to explain why, so to avoid misunderstandings, etc. Also, not getting inputs, doesn't help those that contribute to keep contributing (if you don't get feedback, if your inputs aren't considered, why you want to keep contributing?).

So, some of my repeated inputs:

1) The use of emails captured from mailing lists, whois, etc., to send spam, such as voting suggestions, should be explicitly cited as forbidden by the CoC.
2) Distribution of malware in any of the mailing lists.
3) Posting private emails without the express consent of the sender.
4) Posting commercial/advertising content (unless done in the scope of a sponsorship, for example in-person events).
5) Plagiarism.

Many of those things are typically illegal in most of the countries, but I think it should be made explicit in the CoC in order to avoid depending on any specific country.

Finally, I don't think this:
"Following a third breach, the subscriber will be removed from the mailing list for a period of three months." makes any sense, as the archives could be used to read the postings, resend by someone else, or use an alternative email address, etc.

I think instead it should be:
"Following a *third* breach, the subscriber may be removed from the list with no possibility of return."

And I've in any case my doubts that the CoC can be enforced in the policy mailing list, because that will be part of the PDP and the PDP has not any explicit authorization to enact such thing. We shall remember at all time the difference between community and membership.


El 16/7/21 15:53, "AFRINIC Communication" <comms at afrinic.net> escribió:

Dear Colleagues,

Consistent with the Governance Committee’s Terms of Reference (https://afrinic.net/govcom#tor), the Committee had been requested by AFRINIC’s Chief Executive Officer to review the current Code of Conduct.

On 31 March 2021, a Call for Comments was launched for one month.

The Governance Committee has considered the input received from the Community and thus proposes the following draft new Code of Conduct for the Community’s final review which shall be open for 3 weeks.

Please comment on: https://afrinic.net/20210714-call-for-comment

The deadline for this final review shall end on 5 August 2021.

The Governance Committee looks forward to continuous beneficial engagement with its stakeholders.

Governance Committee
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