[Community-Discuss] Use of space outside of application

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Wed Jul 14 10:58:13 UTC 2021

I have one question - and I'm going to keep this brief.

If AfriNIC wants to reclaim space based on it not being used as originally applied for -

1. Are AfriNIC going to go after every member who applied for space for use on dial up systems more than a decade ago - and repurposed that space when dialup died.
2. How are AfriNIC going to equitably enforce this - when they lost most of the documentation around applications pre 2009 - due to a data corruption issue - such that they can no longer actually show how space was applied for
3. Is this a case of selective enforcement based on - we don't like this guy?

As for out of region space - I point out - that Dubai -is RIPE service region - not Afrinic's - will be curious to see if AfriNIC is going to be selective in that regard - considering allocation levels.

Look - here is my take on this - someone applied for space - they were granted it - as per policy - policy this community chose not to change - and now - while I have my own views on Lu and others - I my personal opinion is that this is selective targeting and nothing more than that - it is dangerous in the extreme because it makes AfriNIC god judge and jury over virtually every player on the continent - it gives them the ability to shut down companies at will in effect through the same vague arguments where they are not equitably applying the rules - and if AfriNIC wishes to play this card - let them play it equally and fairly against every single member - and see what is left of the African internet ecosystem once they do.


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