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Brian Sowers b.sowers154 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 15:08:31 UTC 2021

Discussion Board,

Under which conditions does AFRINIC determine that IP spaces are not being
utilized? The determination to cancel Cloud Innovations' membership seems
arbitrary and unclear at the moment. A direct explicit reason as to how
Cloud Innovation Ltd "failed to honour its obligations under the
Registration Service Agreement" would immensely aid future organizations
from possible removal. It's Interesting because on its website, Cloud
Innovation 'specializes in IP address management.' To me, the decision to
remove Cloud screams politics and is not based on any real findings. For
the board to publish its findings and proceedings is incredibly necessary
for the sake of a free Internet. This post doesn't even begin to touch on
the odd assumption of duty AFRINIC feels necessary to be both the judge and
jury in this determination of IP allocation. My understanding is that each
RIR is merely a bookkeeper on IP spaces--not an IP utilization board.

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