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Dear AfriNIC's Community,

Hope this email finds you in good health!

Le ven. 2 juil. 2021 12:43 PM, Owen DeLong via Community-Discuss <
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Hi Owen,

Thanks for your email, brother!

> > [...]


> Assuming that even in the simple case of a single organization, it does

> meet the test, then one has to consider the following easy derivatives:




> An organization which happens to have a wholly owned subsidiary

> that is a broker



•1] Would that org be bound to the RSA?
•2] Would it be compliant to the CPM?

An organization which isn’t a broker, but happens to be the wholly

> owned subsidiary of a broker


...same questions, here, as above :-/

Given that it's about registration of service,
remember RSA section 4. Conditions of


b) Cooperation:

c) Applicant's use of the service

An organization which is owned by an entity which also owns such a

> broker

> etc.




Remember: AfriNIC has the right to
review the use of the service offered to
the resource members.

> For any “clear, objective, and transparent” version of such a prohibition,

> I’m pretty sure it’s relatively trivial to design a structure that is just

> grey enough to become “shaded, subjective, and translucent at best”.



...imho, it just adds more work to AfriNIC's
Staff, to protect the regional pools of
INRs against "non-acceptable" uses...
being it out-of-region or not.

Also there is a way to report on non-
compliant behaviours...so AfriNIC's Staff
could benefit of a community collaboration.


> Owen


> [...]

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