[Community-Discuss] Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Jan 11 17:48:01 UTC 2021

> Since we dont have purview if these litigations, we can only imagine the amount of fraud that has been going on under the carpet.


> By the way, Cohen was wonderibg why you dont also talk about some other AFRINIC net blocks that my good friend Owen once claimed that there is nothing to see there even though most of them are being originated in the USA.

I must ask, Noah, why you are connecting Cohen with the address blocks you are questioning from before?

There was truly nothing to see there and your original complaint was _NOT_ about the address blocks, but about an error which caused your ASN to erroneously appear as an originator of the BGP advertisements in question. As soon as that problem was called to the attention of the resource holder, the announcements were stopped posthaste and that should have been the end of it.

Instead of contacting the resource holder directly using the available whois information, however, you chose to make a public spectacle on this mailing list and when it was pointed out that this was the result of a simple error made by a 3rd party two-steps removed, you still wanted spectacle instead of resolution. Nonetheless, you got resolution in addition to some of the spectacle you desired. It appears you are still unsatisfied with the amount of spectacle you were able to achieve and you now try to conflate that issue with Mr. Cohen’s situation even though there is no connection whatsoever (at least to the best of my knowledge) between Mr. Cohen and Larus.

> What is more baffling is that its a lot of space and guess what, the members doesn't seem to have a known ASN.

Please point me to the section of the CPM which requires a member holding IPv4 number resources to have an ASN.
If you can’t do that, then please explain what you are on about here because it makes little sense to me.

> To paraphrase Cohen; What is that all about?

If you believe that Larus has committed number resource fraud, then present your evidence to AfriNIC and let them investigate.
If you believe that Larus has violated AfriNIC number resource policy or their RSA, then present your evidence to AfriNIC and let them investigate.

If you have no evidence, then perhaps you could consider ending this trolling of the community trying to stir up trouble where you have no evidence of wrongdoing.

Perhaps we need to expand the CoC to prohibit acts of blatant demagoguery intended to foment negative attitudes towards members of the community.

> Frankly, the fact that Mr. Cohen has not already been shown the door

> entirely, with respect to the mailing lists *and* with respect to the

> WHOIS data base is beyond my poor ability to fathom.


> AFRINIC has its own internal processes, and its a matter of time. Eddy has periodically updated the community to your dissatisfaction.


> More than you, the community anxiously awaits the end of this which must also ensure that folks are held accountable because only a fool would think all this just happened by itself.

I find it very amusing, Noah, that you are able in the same email to criticize the conduct of Mr. Cohen and RFG while failing to recognize that you are doing essentially the same thing in bringing up a long-settled issue over a configuration error trying to make more of it than it was.


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