[Community-Discuss] The NRS at it again with endless lobbying

Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Wed Dec 8 20:28:08 UTC 2021


Are most of you still being coerced by the Lu Heng's wannabe RIR the NRS to
join them.

I mean, reading the bullshit in the below email from one of the NRS
representatives, a one Fiona Mwangi, clearly shows that Lu Heng is stopping
at nothing to pretend and fake it that he has legitimate customers in the
region by dashing out free /24's and some 1 month free VPS access and free
Cloud services.

Is this how Lu Heng intends to justify that CIL has real end-users in the
AFRINIC service region because that would be broad day light deceit and

Who the heck provides free /24 IPv4 block, free VPS and free Cloud Services.

Talk of bullshit and hamburg.


*From:* Fiona Nyawira Mwangi <f.mwangi at nrs.help>
*Subject:* Re: Become members of Number Resource Society

Dear Sir,

I am Fiona  from the Number Resources Society (NRS). The NRS is a gathering
of  members who have the goal of preserving the stability of the internet.
IP addresses are one of the most important resources for Internet related

The NRS’s core beliefs and values are an unlimited, unrestricted, and
united Internet that is based on a global free market and enterprise based
on the principles of transparency and accountability. The establishment of
the Society is an advocacy of the Internet’s stability, which can only be
achieved by individuals, private companies, and ISPs having freedom in
managing their networks and recognizing the Internet as one universal
resource comprised of many individual networks each operated by and
according to the wishes of its own management.

With this, we are inviting your company to become part of the NRS and join
us in this noble cause of protecting the internet. Through your
participation, we are one step closer to achieving our goal of improving
the status quo of the Internet.

Your membership to the NRS will entitle you to our membership benefits,
provided by NRS contributors:

- /24 IPv4 address lease for your organization with lease fee waived
provided by one of our NRS contributor (terms and conditions apply,
including all RIR policy requirements and provider's accept use policy).
Currently, /24 IP addresses are pegged at a price of USD$2,500 annually.

-Free cloud space for your organization through another of our NRS

-One month free VPS from one our NRS contributors.

-A vast networking platform of various stakeholders, telecommunication and
IT companies, in addition to Internet Governance training and workshops.

Should you have any questions, or want to discuss more details, please do
not hesitate to contact +254720260410  and visit our website : www.nrs.help

I am hoping for your positive response regarding this proposal.

Best regards,

Fiona Mwangi.
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