[Community-Discuss] Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC

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> >Let us have a civilized discourse for we are a polite community.

> >That is all am saying.


> Where were you during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870?


You cant surely ask posterity about the 19th century bro.

But history tells that my forefathers did well to defend themselves from
being dominated by some of those very folk.

> Mr. Cohen has declared war on AFRINIC. He is currently pursuing that war,

> with no signs of retreating or giving up.


AFRINIC is an institution and not someone's property even though some of
these folks think AFRINIC should just be a bookkeeper hence their arrogance.

The RIR system is self organized and will stand tall.

> The institution that is AFRINIC is being besieged, via lawsuit, by

> Mr. Cohen. And on what basis? For what crime? We still have no

> idea what this is even all about, or what Mr. Cohen's actual claims are.


Didn't he claim that he bought some IPs from some members in our region. I
assume those must be some of the IP's that have since been recovered by
AFRINIC based on your dossier. Perhaps the recovery is his motivation for
the pupported lawsuit.

AFRINIC doesn't have a policy for buying and selling IPs as Cohen claims
but until recently the community enacted an Intra-RIR policy to allow IPv4
transfers within the region with AFRINIC continuing to handle the
management of these resource transfers based in need-basis.

> I could and should perhaps also

> have mentioned the case of the City of Cape Town's /16 block, and/or

> the fact that Mr. Cohen, in -another- show of force and stupidity...

equally as brazen and ill-considered as his present vicious and baseless

> legal attack on AFRINIC... also hired legal council in South Africa in a

> vain and short-lived attempt to browbeat, harass, and extort the City

> of Cape Town into giving him -their- rightful property (


Since we dont have purview if these litigations, we can only imagine the
amount of fraud that has been going on under the carpet.

By the way, Cohen was wonderibg why you dont also talk about some other
AFRINIC net blocks that my good friend Owen once claimed that there is
nothing to see there even though most of them are being originated in the

What is more baffling is that its a lot of space and guess what, the
members doesn't seem to have a known ASN.

To paraphrase Cohen; What is that all about?

> Frankly, the fact that Mr. Cohen has not already been shown the door

> entirely, with respect to the mailing lists *and* with respect to the

> WHOIS data base is beyond my poor ability to fathom.


AFRINIC has its own internal processes, and its a matter of time. Eddy has
periodically updated the community to your dissatisfaction.

More than you, the community anxiously awaits the end of this which must
also ensure that folks are held accountable because only a fool would think
all this just happened by itself.

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