[Community-Discuss] Yet more data base problems/inconsistancies

Sylvain Baya abscoco at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 06:24:30 UTC 2020

Dear all,
Hope you are doing well !

Please see my comments below...

Le lun. 23 nov. 2020 16:25, AFRINIC Communication <comms at afrinic.net> a
écrit :

Dear Community,

Following your inquiry regarding the existence of inconsistencies between
reverse DNS delegation records within the WHOIS Database and the published
RDNS zone files at ftp://ftp.afrinic.net/pub/zones/ directory, we have
carried out further analysis and below are the findings.


Please note that the issue of duplicate domain objects in the database was
resolved last week.

...so! thanks to Ronald ? :-)

On behalf of the IT and Engineering Team

Thanks for your reactivity, Team.

How critical is that database to you, guys, now; so that
you could put in place a follow-up mechanism to
anticipate, as possible as, the impact of any incident
which could occur ?


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