[Community-Discuss] Launch of AFRINIC's New E-course on Mastering Neighbour Discovery Protocol

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Thu Nov 5 07:29:08 UTC 2020

Dear colleagues,

AFRINIC is delighted to announce the launch of the “Mastering NDP” e-course.

Through this course, learners will be able to engage in learning how five of ICPMv6 messages make up the Neighbour Discovery Protocol for IPv6 operations.

By the end of the course, learners should be able to:

• Identify and explain the content of the five ICMPv6 messages used by NDP
• Outline and explain NDP operations for IPv6
• Examine and deconstruct NDP packet captures
• Configure, verify and debug SLAAC as a provisioning mechanism for an IPv6
• List potential NDP security treats and available countermeasures
• Deploy Secure NDP(SeNDP) and RA-Guard to protect NDP against malicious

This course is free of charge and now open for registration at: http://bit.ly/Elearning-Neighbor-Discovery-Protocol <http://bit.ly/Elearning-Neighbor-Discovery-Protocol>

For more e-course options, visit the AFRINIC E-learning platform here: http://bit.ly/afrinic-e-learning <http://bit.ly/afrinic-e-learning>

Ashil Oogarah

On behalf of AFRINIC’s Capacity Building Team

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