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Hi Mark,

If the hair dressers were only 56 against you in Dakar (56 vs 22), in Nairobi ASO-AC there were 135 vs 26 for you and in Kampala PDWG elections the highest got 164 vs you 7 then you seem to have a serious issue with the hair dressers.

I agree this important WG deserves something better.


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I agree with this. We have systems to run electronic voting for Board - so this should be scalable for non-board elections as well.

The primary question is - what qualifies a person to vote.

For this seat and the PDWG - we have traditionally just allowed "people in the room". This made sense as if they were in the room - they were persons with interest.
This also made the process quick and simple. We've done all sorts of ad-hoc things regarding voting at meetings - so I can't view the current "show of hands" or on-site secret ballots as cast in rock.
Again, personally, all votes for all elections should be electronic. We are part of the Internet Community working with unique identifiers... we are largely technical people.
We need to retain this concept of "people with interest" so I propose anyone who is subscribed to the RPD mailing list (as of June 1st 2020) as being eligible to vote.

For the future - we could even have an election mailing list - where membership is properly controlled.

Even "those in the room - with a meeting badge" has been I believe abused (in Dakar). Our "free" meeting lunches seemed to bring in a lot of students with various backgrounds such as hair dressers. I do not think that these people have more than a fleeting interest in AfriNIC and this should be deterred in all future "in the room" elections. How can they objectively vote for people

On 2020/07/16 14:36, John Ngwoke wrote:
Dear Eddy, All,

Since the term of the electing AFRINIC ASO-AC representative states these;
Who can vote?

Anyone from the AFRINIC community present at the face-to-face meeting who meets the following criteria:

* Has registered to attend the meeting (must present the meeting badge as proof),
* Resides in a country within the AFRINIC service region and
* Is not AFRINIC staff.

I suggest the use of an electronic voting system which will be made available for only those that registered for the meeting and also in attendance.
However, the issue of concern raised by Jordi on using the subscribers in the RPD mailing list at some point before the election process starts (to avoid “lots of friends” not really “part of the PDP” to join the day before the voting) have to be taken.

Concerning the line that says "voting shall be anonymous and done by secret paper ballot", the online voting process makes the voting anonymous and secret ballot.


On Thu, 16 Jul 2020 at 10:44, Eddy Kayihura <eddy at afrinic.net<mailto:eddy at afrinic.net>> wrote:

Dear Community Members,

The term of the community-elected AFRINIC ASO-AC representative, Noah Maina, ends in December 2020. The election to fill this vacant seat will be held during the Africa Internet Summit 2020 (AIS’20) scheduled for 14-18 September 2020. The election process for the ASO-AC/NRO-NC (please see https://www.afrinic.net/election-process/aso-nro for more details) says that voting shall be anonymous and done by secret paper ballot. However, this meeting shall be held online.

We are therefore requesting feedback from the community on how AFRINIC can best proceed with the election to fill the vacant seat of one community-elected ASO-AC/NRO-NC member. We shall be delighted to receive your proposals for this important matter.




Chers membres de la Communauté,

Le mandat du représentant de l'ASO-AC d'AFRINIC élu par la communauté, Noah Maina, se termine en décembre 2020. L'élection pour pourvoir ce siège vacant aura lieu lors du Sommet Africain de l'Internet 2020 (AIS'20) prévu du 14 au 18 septembre 2020. Le processus d'élection de l'ASO-AC/NRO-NC (voir https://www.afrinic.net/election-process/aso-nro pour plus de détails) prévoit que le vote sera anonyme et se fera par bulletin secret. Toutefois, il se déroulera en ligne.

Nous demandons donc à la communauté de nous faire part de ses commentaires sur la meilleure façon pour AFRINIC de procéder à l'élection pour pourvoir le siège vacant d'un membre de l'ASO-AC/NRO-NC élu par la communauté. Nous serons ravis de recevoir vos propositions sur cette importante question.




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