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> The ZANOG 20 plenary will take place on 24-27 August 2020 in

> Johannesburg, South Africa, and the Programme Committee is seeking

> content from the community for this meeting.


> ZANOG is a group of individuals, who have a strong interest in

> Internet related technologies.  Typically, we are people that work, or

> have worked at ISPs, WISPS, hosting companies, or other businesses

> that make significant use of the Internet. We are actually pretty open

> minded about what the actual topic is - as long as it's relevant to

> our community's broad area of interest, and the quality is good.


> Along with the change of iWeek to localised events across the regions,

> the technical operations community has followed a similar path of

> local events with this 4-day conference in late August 2020. Two days

> of which are tutorials, and two days are a full-technical plenary.


> Talks are usually around 20(+10) minutes in length, (including

> questions), and common subject areas are:


> Network operations

> Network architecture and design

> Networking hardware and software architecture

> Software-Defined Everything (SDN/NFV)

> Peering and interconnection

> Data centre design and operations

> IPv6 deployment

> Network monitoring and measurement

> New innovations in networking technology

> Open protocol standards

> Domain Name System infrastructure

> Network security and abuse prevention

> Impact of public policy of network operations

> Confessions/Stories from the field

> Skills development for a changing technical landscape

> Other - if it’s of interest to you, someone else in the melting pot

> likely wants to hear it too


> But, we're always on the lookout for something different, so don't

> feel it has to fall into the areas above. We're also interested in

> hearing proposals for panel discussions, as these are a great way of

> presenting and discussing different views on the same subject.


> Whilst we prefer submissions with slides we will consider proposals

> that are a work in progress and work with the author to develop the

> talk and slides.


> Submissions are welcome at any time, but for ZANOG20 we would like to

> have them no later than 30 April 2020 so we can get an agenda out well

> in advance.


> However, don't worry if you miss the deadline and have something

> interesting to talk about, as we are often able to accept shorter (10

> minute) "lightning talks" closer to the meeting. Please also get in

> touch if you would like to suggest any topics, themes or speakers. Do

> note that talks of an overtly marketing nature, are not welcome.


> Please note that ZANOG is run on a non-profit basis, and is not in a

> position to reimburse expenses or time for speakers at its meetings.


> If you want to chat with the PC, we can be reached at:


> pc at nog.net.za


> Thanks



Amreesh Phokeer

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