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Matogoro Jabera jaberamatogoro at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 02:51:18 UTC 2020

Dear Dr. Eddy,

What is such amazing progress, from an invitation to attend a technical
event to grow up a CEO for our giant AfriNIC. It clearly shows that there
are a number of efforts, dedication and strong believe behind you.

We are looking forward giving you all of our support for the success of our
Mother Africa.


On Wed, 5 Feb 2020, 01:04 Mark Tinka, <mark.tinka at seacom.mu> wrote:

> Good man.


> You have my undying support, Mr. Kayihura.


> Mark.


> On 4/Feb/20 21:32, Sami Salih wrote:


> Thank you Boss for those words, I feel that it's comes from a honest

> heart, I I'm sure the community got the same feeling. Be sure all of us

> share the same story with slight difference, for me I was first time

> invited for 2009 meeting in SA, then we organized the first IG in Sudan,

> and we success to reach 30% IPv6 traffic in the REN network.

> AFRINIC means a lot for us, and to our local community, so any type of

> support you need please just let us know and we will never hide.


> once again thank you for this kind message, and wish you all the best.


> Sami Salih,

> Community Member.


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> Dear Colleagues, ( French version below)


> One day in April 2006, I was informed by Rwandatel CTO that I would attend

> an AFRINIC meeting in Nairobi as our company had received a fellowship from

> them. This intrigued me because I did not understand why our IP provider

> was willing to sponsor a trip for a member for no apparent reason.


> Not only did I not find any catch but I discovered a community that I had

> no clue existed. I heard of IPv6 for the first time and later registered

> for a course which happened at AFRINIC 9 in Balaclava, Mauritius. This

> connection together with the AfNog one helped me grow quickly in the

> networking field.


> Back home, many colleagues attended AFRINIC and AfNog events and we

> started seeing scalable network and systems managed by young Rwandans.


> 14 years later, Afrinic has evolved in many ways and is still around

> committed to its mission of supporting Internet technology usage and

> development in Africa.


> I have grown over the years to become AFRINIC’s CEO. The large number of

> support messages I have received since it happened has been very humbling

> and demonstrates the fact that AFRINIC is dear to the hearts of many people

> all over the world.


> AFRINIC has had more than its fair share of ups and downs and challenges

> over the years. However, there are inspiring stories of its positive

> contributions and impact in many countries. It continues to play a

> fundamentally important role in Internet development across Africa and the

> Indian Ocean region.


> During my few weeks in office, I have endeavored with the team on

> analysing and identifying all key focus areas from the feedback we have

> received from our membership and community.


> The key focus areas include:


> - Restoring the accuracy of the database and enhancing membership

> experience.


> - Delivering on promises of major technical products and projects

> anticipated by our membership and community.


> - Building, developing and maintaining our community through providing

> capacity building, research and engagement opportunities.


> - Restructuring a cohesive and efficient team that will deliver on all the

> above and more.


> I would like to commend the team’s resilience and dedication over the

> years and I am a firm believer that our success will not be attainable

> without the involvement of each of us. As a member-based organisation and a

> community-driven organisation, the support of our members and community is

> also vital to our triumph as a whole.


> I will be giving a monthly update on the progress we make on the different

> areas and we welcome your suggestions, support and constructive feedback as

> we travel this journey together.


> Kind regards,


> Eddy


> *****


> Chers Collegues, (votre indulgence pour les accents et potentielles fautes

> d'ortographes est appreciee)


> Par un jour normal en 2006, le CTO de Rwandatel m'a informé que je

> participerai à une reunion d'AFRINIC à Nairobi et qu'ils prennait tout en

> charge. Je fus intrigué car ne comprenant pas pourquoi notre fournisseur

> d'adresse IP serait si genereuse.


> Je n'ai cependant trouve aucun piège. Bien plus, j'ai plutôt decouvert une

> communauté dont j'ignorai totalement l'existence. J'ai entendu parler de

> IPv6 pour la premiere fois et me suis enregistré pour un cours qui a eu

> lieu lors de AFRINIC 9 a Balaclava en ile Maurice. Cette connection ainsi

> qu'avec AfNog m'a aide a progresser rapidement dans le domaine de la

> connectivite.


> Au pays, plusieurs collegues ont participé aux réunions d'AFRINIC et AfNog

> et nous avons commencé à voir de jeunes rwandais gerant des reseaux et

> systèmes bien configuré.


> 14 annees plus tard, Afrinic a evolué de plusieurs maniere tout en restant

> fidele à sa mission de soutenir l'usage et le developpement des

> technologies de l'Internet.


> J'ai aussi progressé jusqu'à en devenir le Directeur Général. Les

> inombrables messages de soutien que j'ai recu etaient bien chaleureux et

> demontrent a quel point Afrinic est cher é plusieurs personnes au travers

> le globe.


> Afrinic a eu son lot de hauts et bas au travers des années. Cependant, il

> y a plusieurs histoires inspirantes sur sa contribution dans plusieurs

> pays. Afrinic continue a jouer un role fondamental pour le developpement de

> l'Internet sur le continent ainsi que la region de l'Ocean Indien.


> Pour mes premieres semaines en fonction, je me suis attelé avec l'equipe a

> analyser et identifier les points les plus saillants des feedbacks recu de

> nos membres ainsi que la communaute.


> Ces points incluent les elements suivants:


> - Restaurer l'intigrite de la base de donnees et ameliorer l'expenrience

> de nos membres;


> - Finaliser l'implementation des differents produits et projets promis et

> souhaite par nos membres ainsi que la communaute en general;


> - Developper notre communaute au travers des diverses activites de

> formation, recherches et reunions;


> - Restructurer une equipe plus efficace afin de remplir toutes les

> promesses citees ci-haut et bien plus encore.


> Je souhaite saluer la tenacite et le devouement de l'equipe Afrinic au

> travers des annees et je suis convaincu que notre succes n'est pas

> atteignable sans l'implication d'un chacun. Comme une organization

> "member-based" et orientee vers la communaute, le soutien de nos membres

> ainsi que des membres de la communaute est primordial si nous voulons

> celebrer notre aboutissement comme un block.


> Je vous donnerai une mise a jour mensuelle sur les avancements que nous

> ferons sur differents fronts et vos suggestions sont le bienvenu tout au

> long de ce voyage.


> Respectueusement votre,


> Eddy



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