[Community-Discuss] Afrinic Scandals, future and the PDP

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Dear All,

Relating to points I tried to make here and did not see much traction, here is more about the AFRINIC INRs theft saga.


I wonder why this is not discussed here and we as community not taking our part of the ToDo?


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Subject: Afrinic Scandals, future and the PDP

Dear community,

In this long article, Kieren McCarthy set a long trail of issues our beloved RIR has been facing. Probably, nothing new from the old fox, but there seems to include serious matters for thought and actions by us.
His conclusion below sounds like a serious interpellation to us.


As its fourth CEO in four years, Kayihura faces an immediate test: can he ensure that the issue of the sale of stolen IP blocks is dealt with professionally and openly? And then can he use that platform to ensure Afrinic starts on a serious process of reform after years of insider dealing and cover-ups?


For a bottom-up and community driven organization, the community should take its part of responsibility and promptly act to help the organization re-emerge. The advice from the author should be taken seriously by this community

The PDWG as one of the major components of this ecosystem must also reflect the new reformed Afrinic.

Stop us if you've heard it before but... Africa's internet management body mired again by corruption allegations • The Register<https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/12/17/another_afrinic_scandal/>
UK data watchdog kicks £280m British Airways and Marriott GDPR fines into legal long grass If you haven't shored up that Citrix hole, you were probably hacked over the weekend: Exploit code now ...

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