[Community-Discuss] Updates on the misappropriation of IPv4 resources

Nick Nora nicknora at mailfence.com
Wed Dec 30 12:31:32 UTC 2020

Afrinic community is used by Spamhaus.org aka Ronald to take down its enemies. Don't be fool by Ronald posts.
Anyone has problem please go to police and court.
In case if community has missed

Elad you are played by Ronald aka Steve Linford. Afrinic community is wisely social engineered and is under influence of Spamhaus.org
You need to keep your cool while dealing with Ronald aka Steve Linford.
Afrinic has no clue what is going on its mailing lists.
All the post of Ronald and his side kick Noah are to attack their enemies.
Ronald = Spamhaus = Steve Linford.
Steve Linford has picked this platform to attack and destroy his enemies because he has no other way to do it.
Those who do not know what is spamhaus.org or steve linford or Ronald then read further.
Steve Linford and Elad Cohen have history and now their spat has reached Afrinic from Nanog.
Court case between Netstyle vs Afrinic is result of social engineering and tactics used by Steve linford aka Ronald.
Reason why Spamhaus.org or Stephen John Linford will not go to police against its enemies because police looking for him in few countries.
Has anyone ever seen Mafia boss going to police station to file complaint?
That is why Linford pick these platform to attack his enemies.
If anyone think Spamhaus.org is legit then they are naive. Try to reach them and you will not be able to reach. Spamhaus has formed complex structure to launder money via offshore entities to Europe.
Request to everyone if Spamhaus.org is attacking your business then find him in France and Spain and use legal ways.
Do not do anything illegal or let them provoke you to do mistakes.
Steve Linford has many properties in Europe all are bought by money laundering. Start with these two addresses and you will find more connections.

Linford Peters
Calle del Viol 31
07157 Andratx Illes Balears,

85 Avenue du Rond Point
06480 La Colle-sur-Loup

File police complaint and report his crime to tax and revenue department in Spain and France. In complaint ask tax and revenue department to investigate the source of money Steve Linford used to buy these properties.

Linford and his long time partner Geraldine myra peters are compared to Bonnie and Clyde.
He has recently changed spamhaus.org address from Switzerland to Andorra for some reason.
Warning: Do not forget that you are dealing with white collar criminal Steve Linford and he is doing this blackmailing and extortion for years so please be careful.

Elad now let me address your concerns.
Afrinic is not mafia like Spamhaus. Afrinic is answerable to its members and for its action.
Question is how resources were given?
If you have bought resources and you have proofs then you do not have to worry because without verification resources cannot be transferred.
Resource allocation process is very complex and read court cases in Europe and USA for IPv4 resources.
Immediately file police complaint and let police investigate if you have done anything illegal.
Inform court that you have filed police complaint and let court summon police to submit their investigation report.
If Afrinic furnish fake documents and if that happen then we will come to know and will intervene.
Only valid agreement between you and Afrinic is signed RSA. Mailing list or spam generated by Steve Linford aka Ronald is of no use.
Ask Afrinic to prove your resources bought by you were illegally allocated and if they were illegally allocated then who was responsible.
In any case you own and should not be blamed for Afrinic internal issues. You can demand court damages based on the future value of ipv4 if you have say /16 you can ask USD40 per ip in 4 years. Afrinic has around 6 million in their bank account and they have to declare bankrupt if you win case.
Ask Afrinic how many people are involved in making decision for any resources allocation bigger than /19.
You have not robbed Afrinic and not stolen the resources and if they were allocated to you then they are yours.
Don't know how many ipv4 resource you have but ask court to check Cloud Innovations Ltd resources and ask Afrinic to explain.
I suspect after few years there will another court case between Afrinic and cloud innovations.
Without approval from hostmaster to CEO no network bigger than /19 can be allocated.
So prove the right thing and you are all set.
Everyone thank you for reading and stay safe.

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