[Community-Discuss] WHOIS data base access

S. Moonesamy sm+af at afrinic.net
Fri Dec 25 08:19:51 UTC 2020

Dear Mr Guilmette,
At 07:41 PM 24-12-2020, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:

>Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas.

>I have not asked for any information that was not, at some point in

>time, being published, by AFRINIC, and via its publicly-accessible

>port 43 WHOIS service. Neither have I asked for any information

>that AFRINIC legal counsel has not already agreed may be made public,

>under Mauritian law.


>My requests have been far more modest. I have only requested that the

>exact same unredacted records that are today accessible, albeit only

>bit-by-bit, from the AFRINIC WHOIS server, be provided to me in a

>more convenient and easy-to-process single large clump.

There is a request form at
for 2020. I suggest filling in the new version of the request form
and sending it to the hostmaster at afrinic.net email address.

S. Moonesamy

Board Chair, AFRINIC

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