[Community-Discuss] [afnog] Updates on the misappropriation of IPv4 resources

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Fri Dec 25 04:39:42 UTC 2020

In message <CAEqgTWbNYQnNWneaGx8wcS2tA4E7sG-fPAqVCKFxCSabt7X0Ew at mail.gmail.com>
Noah <noah at neo.co.tz> wrote:

>And who the heck is Jan Vermeulen now?

He is a South African journalist who has written extensively about the
thefts of AFRINIC-administered IPv4 address blocks.

Google is your friend.

>There's quite a lot of sordid details that

>> I know about, and I've only publicly disclosed a subset of those.


>Please do this community a final favor and publish all details rather than

>just subsets of your research.


>This would help AFRINIC add to the pile of already misappropriated IPv4

>space they are currently looking at.

I have already posted here -all- of the IPv4 CIDRs representing -all- of
the AFRINIC-administered IPv4 address blocks that I have reason to believe
have either been "stolen" or "squatted on", as I define those terms.

I am aware of some other interesting facts relating to the overall
context and history of these thefts, and I will make that additional
information public at a time of my choosing.


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