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Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Thu Dec 24 13:06:41 UTC 2020

On Thu, 24 Dec 2020, 15:33 Libra via Community-Discuss, <
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> - Noah are you member or LIR?


Who is asking?

- If you are real person then what is the problem in submitting our id

> proofs to Moderator ?


Mr.Moderator I am at your disposal.

- Verification and censorship are two different things.

> - Who knows maybe you and Ronald are are same person or maybe I am sock

> puppet :)


Ronald claims to be an American, never met him and not interested either in
knowing him beyond the revelations he makes on this forum as relates to
IPv4 number resources misappropriation.

As for me, I am a breath gasping, heart pumping decaying body.... so go

- We are the members of Afrinic and we have full faith in Afrinic

> management.


Then you have nothing to worry about. But the AFRINIC management has the
obligation to do what is right and they are doing exactly that todate.

- Afrinic management is working as gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are protecting

> the resources and interest of its members.


You reminded me of Lu and his claim that AFRINIC is a book keeper. Actually
AFRINIC does more than just registry services. Please do your homework.

Resources are not allocated without justification and consent of the

> management so accusing misappropriate use of resources is direct attack on

> Afrinic management and accusing its management of crime.


You are correct but then what happens after resources have been allocated
but instead a members decides to misappropriate them by leasing them
outside the AFRINIC service region to entities in North America and Europe
to use to advance the Internet Infrastructure there to the disadvantage of

Do you think the AFRINIC management would be doing it's members and the
community a service if they looked into such violations.

There are some provisions in the AFRINIC, RSA that allows the management to
investigate any violations of terms of RSA in order to enforce compliance
by its resources members.

Moderator please verify and I can bet Ronald and Noah will disappear.


Very funny dude.

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