[Community-Discuss] Current routing summaries for LiquidWeb, Inc. and Fiber Grid, Inc.

Mika Levari mika.levari at mailfence.com
Wed Dec 23 14:12:50 UTC 2020

I am enjoying this for sometime now. Looks like Afrinic community is infiltrated by Spamhaus goons like Ronald F. Guilmette
Those who do not know what is spamhaus then read this https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/29055/spamhaus-tax-evasion-shell-companies-extortion-strategies-blackmail-and-much-much-more
Spamhaus is a highly sophisticated money laundering, hacking and cyber extortion network.
Spamhaus gang mebers like Ronald F. Guilmette are using social engineering and same old tactics.
This time they are using Afrinic platform.
One example is https://seclists.org/nanog/2019/Sep/255
Spamhaus goons started at Nanog and managed to get legal war started between Elad cohen and Afrinic.
Case has reached Supreme court of Mauritius. All the legal fees are paid from Afrinic members fee.
Afrinic management will be answerable for all the legal expenses.
Afrinic should ban these goons or they will manage to destroy Afrinic by triggering series of legal events between Afrinic and its members to achieve their purpose.
Read all replies from Ronald F. Guilmette and his associates and then evaluate purpose of their posts.
Everything will be clear.
Bye bye

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