[Community-Discuss] [afnog] Updates on the misappropriation of IPv4 resources

Emem William dwizard65 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 13:07:03 UTC 2020

Dear Ronald,

Thanks for the information.

In your comprehensive routing data, I noticed that the following name
stands out quite often, PEG Tech Inc. It seems like they are providing a
lot of route to those ranges. I am wondering if you have done any research
about them?

Also why is Seacom still routing stolen AFRINIC IP? As you have rightfully
pointed out https://bgp.he.net/AS26754#_graph4 , they seem to be the only
upstream provider that still routes Afrinic’s stolen IP.

Emem William

On Wed, Dec 23, 2020, 02:23 Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com>

> In message <MP9iGyd--3-2 at tuta.io>, libren at tuta.io wrote:


> >Ronald F Guilmette are you a real person or using some fake name?


> I am a real person and this is my real name.


> Who are YOU? An what is YOUR real name?


> >You are like ghost on internet.Do you have any linkedin profile or

> company?


> That is correct. I am indeed a "ghost" as regards to social media. And

> that is certainly by intent.


> Unlike most people these days, I have always been concerned with my

> personal privacy, and thus, unlike most people these days, I have

> elected NOT to splatter out my entire life story onto the Internet

> for people I don't know to snoop on.


> If anyone wants to know anything about me, they can ask me.


> >I am wondering if you are not LIR or member of Afrinic then why are you

> even

> >part of this community mailing list or why you are taking so much interest

> >in community mailing list?


> I am so glad you asked.


> Here in the United States, there has been a long running TV ad campaign

> that promotes tourism to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The tag line

> contained in each of these TV commericals is well known here... "What

> happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." (The idea being sold is that people

> can go to Las Vegas, act crazy, and tnen go back to their hometowns

> without anyone there knowing about their crazy behavior in "Vegas".)


> Unfortunately, what happens in the African part of the Internet most

> definitely DOES NOT stay just in the African part of the Internet. It

> spills out and affects me here, 10,000+ miles and entire oceans away.


> Such is the nature of the Internet, in case you are not aware.


> It has REPEATEDLY been the case that stolen or squatted AFRINIC

> administered

> IPv4 address blocks have been used, both to spam me and to try to hack me,

> and also and likewise, probably hundreds of millions more Internet users,

> all around the world.


> I am not amused. And thus, whether I like it or not, I have been

> effectively

> -foerced- to pay attention to the crap coming out of "African" IP address

> space.


> I sincerly wish it were otherwise. And I wish that AFRINIC would clean

> up all of this crap, once and for all, and stop allowing crooks from

> Israel, the Netherlands, India, and the U.S. to make Africans all appear

> to be either corrupt or incompetent or both. (I know this is not the

> case, but I am still looking for the Africans who will stand up for

> principal and not allow non-African foreigners to effectively defecate

> all over AFRINIC and its global reputation.)


> I started publicly reporting on the skulduggery taking place within the

> AFRINIC region in the summer of 2016. I have now been waiting for nearly

> four and half years for someone with guts to step forward, do the Right

> Thing, and clean up this colossal mess. I am still waiting.


> >There are thousands of members in this list you are just spamming everyone

> >with your findings.


> Others may disagree.


> >Who cares who is doing what? This is something between Afrinic and its

> members.


> See above. It is *not* just between Afrinic and its members. What happens

> in Africa DOES NOT stay within Africa.


> The incompetence and corruption within AFRINIC has allowed an entire

> planet's

> worth of Internet users... several billion people... to get repeatedly

> hacked and spammed. And it is still doing so even as we speak.


> Who exactly has an interest in preserving that unfortnate status quo?


> You, apparently.


> Which brings me back to the question I raised above... Who are you really?



> Regards,

> rfg


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