[Community-Discuss] [afnog] Updates on the misappropriation of IPv4 resources

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Dec 22 01:24:51 UTC 2020

In a prior message, I quoted section 6.1 of the AFRINIC Bylaws, which I am
now obliged to quote yet again:

6.1 Membership shall be open to:

(i) any Person who is geographically based within, and providing services
in the African region, and who is engaged in the use of, or business of
providing, open system protocol network services; or

(ii) any other Person who is approved by the Board or the members.

The handle ORG-INL3-AFRINIC represents an alleged Seychelles corporate
entity, "Inspiring Networks LTD", which appears to be owned and/or
controlled by Mr. Maikel Uerlings.

The set of AFRINIC-assigned IPv4 address blocks currently associated with
ORG-INL3-AFRINIC is as follows:

Analysis of the routes that are currently publicly announced to the global
Internet for each of the constituent /24 "C" blocks that compose the above
IPv4 blocks provides the following results:

Cblocks ASN CC Organization
16 24567 AU QT Inc.
4 22769 US Ddosing Network

Two things are apparent from these reults:

1) Just as in the case of Mr. Abizeid's and Mr. Mehta's corporate
entities, it appears that Mr. Uerlings' Seychelles corporate
entity, Inspiring Networks Ltd., also does not, at present,
qualify, under the AFRINIC Bylaws to be a member of AFRINIC,
as exactly -zero- of the company's AFRINIC-assigned IP address
space is providing any service whatsoever to any point within
the AFRINIC service region.

2) Just as in the case of Mr. Mehta's "Fiber Grid, Inc. (Seychelles)
it would appear that Mr. Uerlings' corporate entity is not even
using the vast majority of its AFRINIC-assigned IP address space.
Rather, it would appear that both Mr. Mehta and Mr. Uerlings are
using the great majority of their assigned IP address blocks only
as passive investments at the present time.

I guess they are both just sitting on these investments, waiting
for the prices to go up.

In case I have failed to make myself abundantly clear, I am requesting
the Board to immediately invoke Sections 8.2(ii) and 8.2(v) of the
AFRINIC Bylaws with respect to the corporate entities of Mr. Abizdeid,
Mr. Mehta, and Mr. Uerlings. The evidence shows that they all stand
in clear violation of Section 6.1(i) of the Bylaws, and have, I believe,
for quite some time now. On that basis, their memberships MUST be
terminated according to the Bylaws.


CC: board at afrinic.net

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