[Community-Discuss] Current routing summaries for LiquidWeb, Inc. and Fiber Grid, Inc.

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Dec 22 00:18:15 UTC 2020

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>@rfg Routing summaries are of no use now days. Refer Google, Amazon,

>Microsoft or cloudflare organizations are based in US.=C2=A0 Technically sh

>ould be allowed to use ARIN ip in its region but they are all over the map.

> Microsoft cloud in Africa using Arin ip or Google cloud in Middle East usi

>ng Arin allocated networks. I raised this issue with RIRs and they are awar

>e of this practice and their explanation was reasonable and it is allowed.

>Can Afrinic stop Microsoft using ARIN ip in its region?

It is quite alright for a legal entity is region `A' to deploy some, and
prehaps even most of its number resources in region `B'. That is quite clear.

What you are failing to appreciate is that there exist a set of AFRINIC Bylaws
which make it abundantly clear that IN THE ABSENCE OF SPECIFIC AND EXPLICIT
APPROVAL BY THE BOARD, each member of AFRINIC is obliged to provide at least
-some- service within the AFRINIC geographical region.

Mr. Abizeid and Mr. Mehta are NOT doing that, therefore unless there has been
an explicit decision by the Board, neither man's corporate entities qualify
to be AFRINIC members. If they are not AFRINIC members, then their AFRINIC-
issued number resources must be immediately reclaimed intto the AFRINIC free

I call your attention specifically to Section 6.1 of the AFRINIC Bylaws:

6.1 Membership shall be open to:

(i) any Person who is geographically based within, and providing services
in the African region, and who is engaged in the use of, or business of
providing, open system protocol network services; or

(ii) any other Person who is approved by the Board or the members.

Based upon the routing data that I posted here, and which I fully encourage
independent investigators to verify to their own satisfaction, the corporate
entities belonging to Mr. Abizeid and Mr. Mehta are simply not qualified to
be AFRINIC members under the AFRINIC Bylaws as written.

More to the point, the historical WHOIS data which I have also posted links
to, and which I also encourage other interested parties to independently
verify to their own satisfaction, persusasively suggest that the corporate
entities belonging to both Mr. Abizeid and Mr. Mehta have received some or
all of their AFRINIC-assigned non-legacy IPv4 address blocks via underhanded,
unscruplous, illicit, and quite possibly illegal transactions involving the
now disgraced AFRINIC ex-employee, Ernest Byaruhanga.

So this raises the question: Based upon the available evidence, are Mr.
Abizeid and Mr. Mehta simply foreign carpetbaggers... foreign 21st century
colonialists, engaging in corrupt transactions with compliant locals and
exploiting the natural resources of Africa from afar, while giving precious
little in return to the people of Africa?

You be the judge.


P.S. Is it possible that either Mr. Abizeid and/or Mr. Mehta received some
special dispensation from the AFRINIC Board which would allow them to skirt
the normal requireemnts of the AFRINIC Bwlaws, Section 6.1(i) as quoted
above? I don't know and it is apparently impossible for any outsider to
say, one way or the other, since some of the AFRINIC Board Meeting minutes
have been mysteriously and quite deliberately ``disappeared'' from public

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