[Community-Discuss] Ongoing thefts of AFRINIC Legacy Resources -- Ongoing collusion?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Mon Aug 24 04:48:23 UTC 2020

In message <1598016759.57214699 at apps.rackspace.com>,
"Jean-Robert Hountomey" <hrobert at africacert.org> wrote:

>I will not comment on the case or anything further.

Who asked you *or* AFRICACERT to comment on this matter AT ALL?

I sure didn't!

This is a matter for AFRINIC to sort out, *not* AFRICACERT. In fact, I have
no idea why you would even think that any of this is any business of
AFRICACERT. As far as I can tell, it isn't.

The WHOIS data base belongs to and is maintained by AFRINIC... *not*
AFRICACERT. It is AFRINIC's responsibility to correct all of the cases
where the records can be easily shown to have been corrupted by yet
another crooked AFRINIC insider. Specifically, as I have already said,

Anybody who takes the time to actually LOOK at the contact email addresses
and/or phone numbers in any of the associated "person" contact records for
any of the above, figure out where the domain names were registered and/or
where the domain names currently resolve to, can easily see that ONE SINGLE
PARTY has screwed with all of these associated contact records.

(I will elaborate further, and in detail, if neither AFRINIC nor AFRICACERT
is capable of figuring out, based on the abundant data and evidence, what
has really gone on here. I have refrained from doing so up till now because
I didn't want to be accused of treating any of you like "bird brains", to
use Adiel Akplogan's term.)

Look, this isn't complicated. The records need to be un-hacked. They needed
to be un-hacked already eight and a half months ago. But absolutely *nothing*
has happened to fix these records in all that time. And also, it seems that
even given a full 8.5 months, the Mauritian police still can't find Uganda on
a map. So our dear Mr. Ernest Byaruhanga is free to live a life of luxury,
back in his home country, enjoying all of the profits he made from his crimes.

In fact, it seeems that the one and only thing that has happened in all of the
last eight and a half months is that Mr. Cohen has filed suit against AFRINIC...
an action that remains entirely puzzling to everyone except a few privileged
insiders who have seen the legal complaint. I mean what did AFRINIC ever do
to Mr. Cohen other than allow him to *keep* all of his stolen legacy blocks?

Mr. Cohen has claimed, on multiple occasions and in multiple public venues
that he legitimately "purchased" all of the above blatantly stolen legacy
blocks from some unspecified single party. Of course he also claimed that
about all of the abandoned legacy blcoks that he helped himself to in the
APNIC region. But in the case of the AFRINIC legacy blocks listed above,
Mr. Cohen was not just squatting on the blocks. Some crooked insider within
AFRINIC had to give him the keys so that he could edit and manipulate the
associated person contact records in each case, until they all contained
email addresses and phone numbers that belonged to him.

So who was that? Who is the second crooked insider inside of AFRINIC? And
why should anyone in their right mind believe that after eight and a half
months of total silence, AFRINIC and AFRICACERT are intent on doing anything
other than covering all of this up, and sweeping the whole matter under the
carpet as quietly as possible?

Oh! Sorry! I forgot! You don't want to comment. And neither does any
official from AFRINIC, apparently.

I believe I can understand why.

There is no excuse for allowing Mr. Cohen to keep all of his stolen goods,
even to the present day.

There is no excuse for hiding Mr. Cohen's lawsuit from the dues-paying
members of AFRINIC, who are also being sued in this legal action.


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