[Community-Discuss] Ongoing thefts of AFRINIC Legacy Resources -- Ongoing collusion?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Aug 20 21:55:13 UTC 2020

In message <01aa01d67730$c5b5cd50$512167f0$@afrinic.net>,
"Eddy Kayihura" <eddy at afrinic.net> wrote:

>Some of the questions you asked have answers in the monthly updates to the

>community, and others do not.

Eddy, You are mistaken.

Please point out to me where any one of my several questions have been
answered. Please post relevant excerpts from any one of your monthly
updates that provide -real- and -concrete- answers to any one of the
many direct questions I have asked.

You cannot, because your monthly updates only repeatedly make the vague
and non-specific and ongoing claim that "we are working on it".

The Lord created the Heaven and the Earth in seven days. The evidence is
abundantly clear that you and your staff have been unable to make even
trivial remedial changes to the WHOIS data base, even given 8.5 months!
If you think that you can explain why that is the case, in clear terms,
then please proceed. I am all ears.

>We will provide comprehensive feedback to your questions by Wednesday next


Why wait? You claim that you have at least some answers now, so why not
post them TODAY? Why are you using yet more delaying tactics? Do you
have some more pressing engagements?

>To manage your expectations...

Eddy, this is all you have done for 8.5 months now... manage and massage
people's expectations in order to insure that they will not incorrectly
get their hopes up that management or the Board will at long last come
clean about this whole sordid business, and about who, beyond Ernest,
is being protected to this day.

Well, I am tired of having my expectations managed downward by you, and
the dues-paying members and the community should be also. Nobody has
gotten any answers and you are still stonewalling, evading, and delaying.

What will be magically different by next Wednesday that is not already
true today? Is some angel going to come down from Heaven at the appointed
hour next Wednesday and give you all of the answers to all of the
pressing questions, even though you apparently have absolutely no
answers to any of these questions today? Or are you just delaying for
the sake of delaying, as you have been for a full 8.5 months now?

>the items that are still under

>investigation may not have all the details you would expect.

See above. The Lord created the Heaven and the Earth in seven days.
You, together with your entire staff AND the Board AND whatever little
useless assistance you have managed to obtain from the world-famous
Mauritius High-Tech Cybercrime Squad have produced essentially -zero-
results of any kind even given a whole 8.5 months to perform your

So how much more time do you need before you can give myself, the dues-
paying members, and the AFRINIC community as a whole even just the
detail-free answers that you are now promising? Do you need another
8.5 months? Another five years? Ten?

But I am being silly! You won't even answer that simple and straightforward
question in a straightforward manner, will you?

I know. I know. You and your staff are "working on it".


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