[Community-Discuss] Ongoing thefts of AFRINIC Legacy Resources -- Ongoing collusion?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Aug 20 21:13:56 UTC 2020

In message <CAL1GxKR6t3hh_sY=naXm0pJan6BZn+ShUkcHLatZrnbBANP2Tg at mail.gmail.com>
Timothy Ola Akinfenwa <akin.akinfenwa at uniosun.edu.ng> wrote:

>> Also, I think it is reasonable for the board and staff to stand up to

>> Ronald on the subject he raised.


>The accusations are too strong and serious to be swept under the carpet. So

>let the community hope that in due time justice will be done.

Sir, I do not know you, and I hope that you will not take offense when
I say that you are failing to understand that this is exactly how things
get swept under the carpet, i.e. by dawdling and delaying in the hopes
that, with the passage of time, everyone will just forget about the issue
and move on.

And so far, that is exactly what the AFRINIC Board, and the management,
and the staff have done, i.e. nothing. Nothing but let the clock run and
hope that everyone just forgets that the full truth has not come out yet,
and that all signs point to the fact that it was NOT just little Ernest
Byaruhanga, acting completely alone, who was selling out AFRINIC in
order to line his own pockets.

So when does "due time" come to its conclusion? Shall we wait for answers
until the year 2029? Is the AFRINIC Board or management even promising
us full, complete, and truthful answers even in that time frame? No,
they are not.

There is no schedule for honesty. It either exists or it doesn't.

Every person can make up their own mind whether or not they believe that
the AFRINIC Board and management have been or have not been open, honest
and truthful. I have made up mine, based on the abundant evidence.


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