[Community-Discuss] Continuous Negative Narrative Towards AfriNIC in the Press

Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Mon Oct 28 21:16:53 UTC 2019

Dear Community,

It's been a while since I last posted and I hope everyone of you here is
healthy and well. Something has been bothering me lately and I can't help
but to share with you all in an attempt to understand why this is the case
and perhaps seek your views as well. Pardon me for the long email after all
it's not my style.

Lately, various matters related to AfriNIC have appeared in some online
press platform [1] [2] [3] with some matters being mentioned or announced
on the specific media platform before even AfriNIC itself informs the
community which should not be the case. For those who remember the UK based
"theregister" and how they used to post negative news about AfriNIC will
resonate with my concern.

These media discussions for some reason are coming from a specific South
Africa online media platform and as usual the news is often very negative
and unfavorable toward AfriNIC. For a continent of over 54 countries, this
is very sad to say the least that most negative reporting about our RIR,
will often stem from the same specific community. It's seems as if the
strategy is to continuously paint a negative narrative towards AfriNIC
within .za community.

Link *[1]* article mentions inaccurate IPv4 records and impugning
deliberate manipulation of records for gain. I am not sure if AfriNIC is
aware of this article and if there is any truth to it warranting any
investigation and reporting.

Link* [2] *article mentions the departure of a staff member of AfriNIC as
announced in the same media platform. No such information has been
published by the organisation itself anywhere on its website or mailing

Link *[3]* article raised a perceived conflict of the AfriNIC bylaws and
the Mauritius equal opportunity act and the illegality of the CEO search
process which was just completed. The very wish of a particular member of
this community who is constantly agitating against AfriNIC with constant

It will help to understand what is continuously fueling this continuous
negative narrative which is now playing out in the South African press.
What is hidden under the agitation? Did something happen in past board? How
are the leaks or planted media stories occurring?

Any organisation whose internal discussions are somehow made public in the
press is doomed and this sort of toxic behaviour should never be accepted.
I am very concerned with the endless negativity and polarization this is
causing toward our collective community which needs more cohesion at a time
when a new CEO has been appointed.

The Board and AfriNIC would help to inform the community about any
investigation to this end and advice the incoming CEO appropriately.

I submit.

AfriNIC ASO-AC Member

*[3] *
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