[Community-Discuss] Continuous Negative Narrative Towards AfriNIC in the Press

Gregoire EHOUMI gregoire.ehoumi at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 1 17:21:57 UTC 2019

Thanks Noah for raising these important points...

I am like others very concerned by the allegations about theft of IP addresses for gain.
The silence of the organization and the community about these allegations sound incomprehensible.

I urge the organisation to take the allegations very seriously, do the due diligence and inform the community on what we should know and expect.

It is also important that the organisation put in place clear and transparent mechanisms for reporting of abuses, issues relating to the resources and trustable systems of dealing with reports and complaints...

The Review proposal being discussed for the last 3 years should have created the conditions for actions in favour of collective stewardship of our resources. The proposal’s discussions archives are telling

Best regards,

Gregoire EHOUMI

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