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On Fri, 31 May 2019 at 13:21, Badru Ntege <badru.ntege at nftconsult.com>

> From what I see here
>  A collective and binding decision was made by board to release
> information at an appropriate time.  That decision would have been bidding
> to all board members as per procedure.

Clearly this was a poor decision....

One or two members went ahead to release that information outside the board
> agreed process.

A seriously flawed Board process!

Whether or not that information was already publicly available.   The
> intent of the members that released the information was in response to
> community asking for the board to release the information.
> The proper way for that information to be released would have been through
> the approved board process.
> The members in question that released information did it in their capacity
> as board members and would have received that information under that
> capacity.
> Every action has consequences and as adults we make decisions having
> considered the consequences one would assume.
> I urge us all to be rational.  I somehow believe you all believe you are
> acting in the best interest of our organisations AfriNIC.

We are being rational Badru, we are all most disappointed at the Board
decisions here which have seriously destabilised the already flailing RIR!
This was a very poor decision and "the cherry on top"

> But blowing a procedural issue like this to this level and even trying to
> relate or connect it to a personal decision of an employee to resign is
> reaching and really not in the spirit of the entire community or our
> organisations.
> Lets give the people we elected the respect they deserve, advise them when
> they need the guidance and allow them to do the job.

Please keep in mind that we DID NOT elect these people... some of us
elected some of these people, but they were largely elected on block or by

We cannot all be board members at the same time so we choose a few from the
> wide community to do that role.

Yes, we want a better board - just one that is functiuonal - and a better


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