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Hi All,

Reading from the minutes:

The CEO highlighted that the document that was shared on the community 
mailing list was a public document, a public document that was received 
directly from the Court and not subject to NDA and privilege, and was not 
received in virtue of the employment at AFRINIC but received from the Court 
registry. The CEO further affirmed that it was important and for the best 
interest of the company to share the document to the community

Where is the conflict of interest?

The Chair pointed out that on the 9 February, he shared an email that he 
wanted to hear the views of the Board before sharing the document to the 

The community had been calling for this information repeatedly. If the CEO 
was not being supported by the Board in the daily operation of the 
organisation, that is huge issue. There have been numerous instances where 
the board has failed to communicate with it members (those very people to 
whom the board is accountable and put the board there in the first place.)

With regards to the Agenda Items under discussion, VM pointed out that 
matter of governance and sharing with the members should be under the 
responsibility of the Board. The Board should have agreed as a whole to 
release the document.

Sadly they were asked but the members and didn’t and so someone placed a 
public document in a location so that those interested could view it.

Legal counsel had in a number of occasions highlighted that the judgment was 
a publicly accessible document hence there was no reason to delay its 

Since legal counsel had advised, why did the board still not comply?

Let’s add this current issue of a director that has been suspended from his 
day job. While I am not going to jump to conclusions as to why (that is not 
for us to judge), whatever happen is serious enough to suspend him. Good 
governance and integrity would be for him to temporarily remove himself from 
all decision making from other entities as well to prevent inference and 
possible misconduct. Would you go to an accountant for private work while he 
has been suspended from his day job? The board knew about this and failed to 

As a general rule, where there is smoke there is fire. People only hide 
things where there are things to hide. We are a community based 
organisation. There is very little data that needs redacting in the minutes 
in general. Communication should be forthcoming and open!

All these issues really make one think about the objectives of the board!

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Is this not the time for a vote of no confidence in the chairman / some of 
the board?


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Dear S.

The situation is apalling! The Southern rep is currently suspended from his 
job.... we still do not know why....  the rest of the board appears to have 
jointly angered the CEO into resignation... I am surprised you have not 
resigned yet.... why are you still there?


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Dear Andrew,
At 10:13 AM 30-05-2019, Andrew Alston wrote:
>Is the board prepared to share the full unredacted accountability
>assessment with the community  if it has not already been done (I
>don't recall it have being done so)

Thank you for contacting me.  In my opinion, it may possible to bring
the request to the attention of the Board as there was a decision
about requests from Resource Members in 2017.  I don't know what the
Board will decide as a Board is usually more than one member's opinion.

There is a mention of a public summary in the minutes of May 2016.  I
found the following: http://r.elandsys.com/r/40408

S. Moonesamy

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