[Community-Discuss] Minutes and data from board meetings

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue May 28 04:24:26 UTC 2019

I notice that the minutes from the April and May board meetings are not yet published on the web site.

As such, I’m curious if additional information can be provided regarding some rather terse motions…

I presume that 201904.476 is the genesis of the committee mentioned in 201905.483 and 201905.484.
	Can the board confirm that:
		1.	The Ad Hoc committee’s actions were those surrounding the recently concluded staff survey
			and potentially other advice to the board regarding the current operations and work envinonment
			in the company.

		2.	The Ad Hoc committee mentioned in 201905.483 and 201905.484 is, in fact, the one created
			by 2019.04.476.

	Further, while I realize that the topics and information contained in the report are likely privileged and
	sensitive in nature, I would hope that the board could publish some form of sanitized version of the
	report with enough information to support the recommendations and most, if not all of the recommendations
	provided by said committee. While I realize that it is likely too short in time for this to be available before
	Kampala, i hope the board will make reasonable effort to release it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,


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