[Community-Discuss] Gratitude

Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Mon May 27 12:49:42 UTC 2019


I was just reading the board minutes at https://www.afrinic.net/ast/pdf/2019-minutes/20190305-minutes.pdf and I am surprised at the level of micro-management that CEO Alan Barrett has to deal with. In those minutes both Alan and Seun Ojedeji seem to be reprimanded for being open and transparent to this community. The summary of those minutes show how the board has made it explicitly clear that the CEO is to have no responsibility anymore towards this community.

Therefore I would like to explicitly and publicly express my gratitude to both Alan and Seun for their efforts to keep this community involved in Afrinic matters in an open and transparent way. I feel this is a strong requirement for keeping Afrinic respected and supported by both its members and its community.


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