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I’ve given this a little more thought – and while I stand by my statements that your assertions are false, libelous in the extreme and quite possibly could lead to legal action against yourself as a result of the character assassinations and defamation contained herein, I thought – it would be worthwhile for the community to see your alleged evidence.  See the thing is – intelligence is backed by evidence, it is backed by fact, it is not supposition and it is not conjecture.  In the below you have made a very serious allegation against myself, and while you reference my employer, I am not quite sure if you are alleging they did something as well, but I’d be curious to know the answer to that one as well – lets be clear – who are you alleging is at fault here.

Secondly – you have made a claim referring to black markets – I point out that outside of Africa – inter-region transfers are sanctioned, common place and entirely legitimate, as passed by policies in those communities.  Furthermore, as of right now, transfers inside Africa, are equally legitimate, as was decided by this community (and hopefully inter-region transfers will be by the time the day ends) – so – please can you clarify what you mean by a black market, which implies illegality.

Thirdly, you make reference to IP Hijacking – please – can you show evidence that this has ever happened in the context of the individuals you have referred to.

Fourth, you allege a conspiracy to close down AfriNIC – I point out that at every turn every email I have sent has offered the board solutions to the current problems – time and again we have said – call a special general members meeting – time and again we have said reset the voting – time and again we have said follow the bylaws – and at every point these actions would have brought the organization back to a point of view where it was as it was designed – for the members, by the members – and would indeed have strengthened the corporate governance of the organization rather than kill it.  As I stated clearly in my email to Lucky on this list, I have no desire to kill AfriNIC, I have a desire to see AfriNIC follow the bylaws and the laws and the rules as ratified by this member base – to the letter.  I have a desire for bottom up governance, which is what the Internet was founded on, I have a desire for institutions on this continent to act appropriate.  As such, can we please get clear evidence for the serious  and unfounded allegations you have made.

Once you put all your facts and evidence on the ground – we can make decisions as to how to progress here



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Dear Community,

I have arrived in Kampala this yesterday and the intelligence I have gathered since then is so alarming that I have decided to send this email to call on my fellow Nigerians (not all) and brother Ugandans  (not all) conscience to put Africa first. To put the interest of this community first so that we keep our Internet Resources for the development of Africa and for the future generation.

From the intelligence I have gathered, two groups are working tirelessly to hijack AFRINIC resources. The obvious consequences are the close down of AFRINIC and the appropriation of the Internet Resources of our region. If these happen, it implies that whenever an organization in Africa needs IPv4, IPv6 or ASN, it has to get it in the black markets where those resources would be very expensive perhaps not affordable too or to go to RIPE or ARIN. The two groups are, on one side, white South African led by Mr. Andrew Alston of Liquid Telecom with their allies Mark Elkins and Owen Delong, and on the other side, Lu with his Foundation from China.


The British/South Africa Mark Elkins, the candidate of election, wants to become the co-chair of PDWG. His mission as co-chair is to push for the policy “IPv4 Inter-RIR Resource Transfers (Comprehensive Scope)” proposed by Spanish or Latino Jordi Palet Martinez. The issue with this policy is clear. There is no more IPv4 in the other registry, only AFRINIC has IPv4 in its pool. The policy of Jordy has the hidden agenda is to enable the South African (not all of them) mafia to ransack the AFRINIC. It is not a secret that Mark Elkins was one of those who oppose the creation of AFRINIC. No wonder why his acolyte Owen Delong always defends him even if his is blatantly wrong. What is interesting yesterday was Owen with the help of some Ugandans he recruited some boys and girls to come and vote for Mark Elkins and to support of oppose policies. They were brought by Owen himself who was instructing the AFRINIC registration desk in Sheraton Hotel to register them. When they were asked about what they are coming to do, they said they are coming to vote for IPv4. I personally witnessed this.

For my own brothers Nigerians, three of them were sponsored by Lu Heng and his foundation for the post of the co-chair of PDWG. Moreover, the Chinese Lu Heng and his foundation have brought 30 participants or so through the coordination of Daniel Yakmut. Larus Cloud Service, the mother organization of Larus Foundation, has been allocated IPv4 address from AFRINIC. The fact is, Lurus Cloud is not using those IPv4 addresses located to him for the purpose of which the got them. Moreover, the reasons provided when he applied for those resources were lies. The instruction given to those sponsored are to
1 - to support the “IPv4 Inter-RIR Resource Transfers (Comprehensive Scope)” by Jordi Palet Martinez because they want to legalize their wrongdoing with the resources taken from AFRINIC.
2 - to oppose the “Internet Number Resources review by AFRINIC” by Arnaud Amelina and CO because this policy will expose them.
3 - to vote for Mark Elkins. The other three Nigerians have been used to split vote of the other candidate.


As for the Moses Serugo, his case is pitiful and detrimental to this community. As a novice in this community he is sponsored by Lu Heng and foundation. According to my intelligence, he commented only once on PDP mailing list and attended only once the face to face meeting. He confessed that he does not what he is going for as co-chair of PDWG but what matters for him is the possibility to travel outside of Uganda. Regardless of the call to dissuade him to step down so that he can be groomed maybe for the next election and that the issues at hand are beyond his capability to deal with, he declined knowing that he has the upper hand over the other candidate because he is recruiting University of Makerere student to vote for him.  I don’t blame him because according my intelligence, the rules governing the selection of the co-chair has been diluted for novice like him to stand to election. BUT HE SHOULD REMEMBER THAT THIS COMMUNITY DOES NOT FORGIVE AND DOES NOT FORGET.

Dear community,  I have just received some fresh intelligence, I am going to authenticate them before I share them with you.


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