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How does that gel with clause 17.3 of the bylaws that state that the CEO's position must be held by a non-Mauritian and with the resolution that was passed in November of 2015 which explicitly demand that a CFO be in existence because it requires the signature of a CFO to access certain bank accounts?

I've also seen some arguments about the  acting part of this - unfortunately the bylaws do not state anything about permanence - in the case of 17.3 it states that nationals of the country hosting the headquarters shall be ineligible for the appointment to the office of Chief Executive Officer.  That does not limit this to a permanent appointment, and therefore includes a temporary appointment to the position.

The same goes for clause 15.6 of the bylaws - which is the one they get around by not having a CFO - but that does not release the obligations in 17.3



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Hello all,

> Op 16 jun. 2019, om 21:37 heeft Sander Steffann <sander at steffann.nl<mailto:sander at steffann.nl>> het volgende geschreven:
>> As Community are aware, Mr Alan Peter Barrett, the Chief Executive Officer of AFRINIC, submitted his resignation on 27 April 2019 with effect from 26 July 2019.
>> At its meeting of 14 June 2019, the Board appointed Mr Patrisse Deesse, the Finance Director, as Interim Chief Executive Officer with effect from 27 July 2019 until a new Chief Executive Officer assumes AFRINIC duties. Mr Deesse and Mr Barret will work together between 1 July 2019 and 26 July 2019 and finalise the handing over process.
> Out of curiosity, who will take over the CFO role from Mr Deesse?

Replying to myself to make sure that all relevant information is shared fairly within this community: one of the board members has informed me off-list that nobody will take over the CFO role, and there will therefore not be a CFO while Mr Deesse takes the role of interim CEO.

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