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Matogoro Jabera jaberamatogoro at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 16:31:25 UTC 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Recently, AfrINIC announced for FIRE Awards for the outstanding project. I
tried more than five times to submit my project but was not successful.

I tried to contact AFRINIC but received the support which did not answered
my question. AFRINIC claimed that the upload link was fine while to my side
did not worked. Finally I gave up and life goes on.

I think something need to be fixed at AFRINIC. Just sharing out my


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Subject: FIRE Africa Awards 2019
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Dear Jabhera

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Please, be aware that there is a  difference between FIRE Africa Awards and
FIRE Africa Grants.

FIRE Awards are awards given to ICT related projects that are already
completed or almost completed.

FIRE Grants are funds given to ICT related projects that are in their
infancy stage or need financial input to expand the project.

Unfortunately, there will be no calls for FIRE Africa grant proposals in

However, there is an ongoing call for FIRE Africa Awards in 2019. You can
submit a proposal for a FIRE Africa Award using this link (

The "*submit your awards nomination*"  link will be on the top right pane
of this webpage (Please view the attached image).

With many thanks,

The FIRE Africa team

Olatunde Awobuluyi
Funds for Internet Research and Education (FIRE) Program Manager, AFRINIC Ltd.
t: +230 403 51 00 | f: +230 466 6758 | tt: @afrinic | w:
www.afrinic.netfacebook.com/afrinic | flickr.com/afrinic |


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