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Sunday Folayan sfolayan at skannet.com
Thu Jun 6 09:36:45 UTC 2019

Hi NomCOM Chair,

Good job so far, much more your efforts to correct whatever 
imperfections may exist. It is a learning process.

Just a post-mortem:

It is more important to get as many good candidates as possible, indeed 
willing volunteers, than reduce/restrict the candidates. It is also 
important to give the membership base the opportunity to select, than 
restrict their choice with one person on the slate.

The candidates could have been contacted by Telephone, and even 
Whatsapp, + "friends of friends",  considering the urgency involved. 
Email alone, is indeed not "best effort".

Moving forward:

Indeed, NOMCOM can prospect and contact those they think can serve on 
the Board and other positions, and politely ask them to be so nominated. 
Two is good but three is better.

On the co-chairs, Normally, the PDWG co-chair elections are staggered, 
so that the two chairs do not leave in the same year. This is to retain 
experience and have a smooth transition. Since the situation of having 
the two stand for election in the same year is coming up now, and the 
tenures are 1 year and 2 years, then the candidate with the highest vote 
can be considered elected for the two year term, and the next elected 
candidate will be for the 1 year term.

Thank you for all your efforts, and all the best.


On 06/06/2019 08:09, Iyedi Goma wrote:
> Dear community,
> Veuillez trouvez la version française ci dessous.
> The nomination committee received a question about the process for the 
> election of two PDWG co-chairs as one of the open seats is for a 
> two-year team and the other open seat is for a one-year term. The 
> nomination committee contacted the Afrinic elections committee to 
> request the process document for the elections. The nomination 
> committee was informed that there isn’t any documented process for the 
> election of two PDWG co-chairs.
> The nomination committee recommends  that the process for the election 
> of the two PDWG co-chairs should be documented so that the working 
> group understand how  the process works.
> There were nine nominations for the two the PDWG co-chair seats.  
> After reviewing the nominations, the nomination committee found that 
>  there only four candidates who submitted the required information 
> before the endtime. The nomination committee was contacted by four 
> other nominees  as their names did not appear in the announcement 
> which was sent to the RPD mailing list.
> The nomination committee would like to solicit the feedback of the 
> PDWG on the above by Friday 7  of June at 23:59 UTC
> Cher membre de la communauté
> Le comité de nomination avait reçu une question d’un membre de la 
> communauté lors d’une session de sensibilisation sur le processus de 
> répartition des deux postes  de co-présidence pour le PDWG. Il est 
> important de souligner que les deux mandatures ne possèdent pas la 
> même durée, un poste pour une année et une seconde pour deux années, 
> la question est celle de savoir comment on attribue les postes à 
> chacun des postulants.
> Au regard de l'importance de la question le comité de nomination avait 
> contacté AFRINIC pour comprendre s’il y avait des documents  qui 
> soutenaient ledit processus. Ce que nous avons compris de la réponse 
> du comité d’ élection qu il existe pas de procédure écrite proprement 
> dite.
> Le comité de nomination recommande fortement que le processus 
> électoral  soit rédigé et validé afin de faciliter la tâche du groupe 
> de travail.
> En ce qui concerne les candidatures pour les élections  de la 
> co-présidence du PDWG , le comité de nomination avait reçu neuf 
> prétendus candidatures. Après la phase de  collecte d'information 
> supplémentaire nous avons reçus que quatres dossiers de candidatures. 
> Après la publication des candidatures le comité de nomination a été 
> contacté par quatre des autres prétendus  et ils ont soumis leur dossiers.
> Dans le souci de transparence et d’équité nous souhaitons solliciter 
> l’avis du PDWG sur les éléments évoqués. Le comité de nomination 
> souhaiterait avoir votre retour d’ici ce vendredi 7 juin à 23h59 TUC.
> Serge-Parfait Goma
> Afrinic 2019 Nomcom Chair
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