[Community-Discuss] Announcement for Final Candidate Slate for Open Seat on AFRINIC Governance Committee

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Section 13.8 exists in specific circumstance – to fill a casual vacancy – which is only valid until the date of the next election.  So yes – in the event of none of the above – the board has the right to appoint for a limited period – not a full 3 year term.  Do I believe that is right? No – but it is the rules.

That however – is very different from a 3 year forced appointment


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> All of the applicable definitions require the ability (right) to freely choose. When there is no choice, there is no election.

And to be perfectly clear on this: as there is no election, I believe this violates section 13.7(i) of the Afrinic bylaws, as those explicitly state:

Except for the Chief Executive Officer, and subject to Articles 13.1O and 13.11, all other Directors shall be elected by Resource and Registered Members on the date of each Annual General Members' Meeting.

Read the bylaws especially section 13.8


No election -> no Directors

Board can appoint.


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