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S. Moonesamy sm+af at afrinic.net
Mon Jun 3 08:45:58 UTC 2019

Dear Andrew,
At 04:32 AM 31-05-2019, Andrew Alston wrote:
>    * The members in question that released 
> information did it in their capacity as board 
> members and would have received that information under that capacity.
>  This is not true – read the court papers – 
> each member was a ra respondent to the court 
> filing in their personal capacities – they were 
> directly served the papers in their own nnames 
> – the very first thing in that filing is SM vs long list of names>

I was the director who filed the 
application.  The respondents were the persons 
who were listed as directors at the time of the filing and Afrinic Ltd.

I disclosed conflict of interest when the matter 
was on the agenda of a meeting and requested to 
be excused from the related discussions.  It was 
not clear whether the documents which were filed 
could be put online as they were not available on 
the web site of the Supreme Court.  There are 
laws, e.g. the ICT Act, which might be relevant.

This is not the first legal case which I had to 
deal with as part of my duties as director.  Is 
there any concern about the outcome of the case?

S. Moonesamy 
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