[Community-Discuss] AFRINIC 2019 AGMM quorum

Marcus K. G. Adomey madomey at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 23 07:30:43 UTC 2019

Dear Community,

As we are getting closer to AFRINIC-2019 AGMM, destructive elements have woken up again and looking for ways and means to derail this important members meeting , knowing the current status of the organisation .

These destructive elements are credited and known for nothing more than failure.

Let us be vigilante

Regardless their persistent attempts to frustrate AfriNIC, the organization will never die!!

"AFRINIC en avant"

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Thank you Alan,

Can we – as the members – please see the letter submitted to the court as well as the affadavits under which this was obtained – since these pleadings should also be a matter of public record, and while I am in the process of retrieving these through the court – it would be far easier if you would share these – since they are directly relevant to the member base and should contain nothing sensitive.



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> On 22 Feb 2019, at 20:10, Sander Steffann <sander at steffann.nl> wrote:
> Hi Alan,
>> I can confirm that the judgement from the Mauritius Supreme Court exists.  I have in my possession a certified copy of the judgement from motion SC/COM/MOT/01411/2018, which anybody may obtain from the court registry.
> Thanks for confirming that. Can you please just scan it and post it somewhere?

I attach it here.


Alan Barrett

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