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Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
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I am also waiting for an acknowledgement of this request – I requested the same thing from the members list and via the board – and there is deafening silence.

It concerns me that AFRINIC seems to believe that they can make claims about court orders – but despite the fact that by law these rules are a matter of public record – AFRINIC is choosing not to disclose copies of the full order to this list – and in essence forcing members to go and seek the actual order from the courts itself.

I cannot understand the resistance to publish this – and while I cannot provide any proof of this – the only logical reasons I can see in my mind to NOT publish the full order, would be a.) the order doesn’t actually exist or b.) there is something in that order the board would prefer the members not to see.  I find it hard to comprehend that it could be (a) because that would be blatant misrepresentation to the member base that by the virtue of what AFRINIC claims in the court order now have legal standing and hence – that leaves (b) – however – you cannot ACT on a court order that you do not disclose – because it is entirely unreasonable for AFRINIC to come and make a claim like – we have a court order that allows us to hold an AGMM – yet refuse to produce the actual court order – duly signed and stamped by the court.

The fact that this question has now been asked by multiple individuals – including emails sent to the board – the members list – this list – and from multiple people who are in good standing – and as of yet has had ZERO response – is entirely intolerable.

In addition – I figured I would go and see what was in the minutes about this – but – the board has not published ANY meeting minutes for any meeting post September 2018 – despite the fact that minutes are meant to be ratified at the subsequent board meeting, as a result – the membership base is once again kept in the dark.

Nor have I had ANYTHING back on the fact that the board made an explicit statement to the community that when that case was coming up on the roll they would inform the community – which did not happen – be it by oversight or deliberate omission – this is a categoric violation of the bottom up approach to which AFRINIC committed itself under ICP2.

I also need to raise the fact that despite NUMEROUS members raising the issue of the “none of the above” modification to election guidelines on both members and community list – that is yet another question asked months ago that the board has chosen to categorically ignore.  Yet again – this was a top down decision – again – in violation of ICP2 and without any member consultation or agreement.

The simple fact is – the transparency of this organisation is non-existent – and right now – until that court order is produced for the member base – the organisation cannot expect its members to go on “faith” – because it is faith that they have done nothing to earn.


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I cannot find any reply or even ban acknowledgement of this request.

Is there any legal issues preventing comments from the board or Afrinic staff on the status of that ruling?


17:47, 7 February 2019, Sander Steffann <sander at steffann.nl<mailto:sander at steffann.nl>>:

 I am pleased to announce that the Supreme Court of Mauritius has made an order, under case reference SC/COM/MOT/01411/2018

I can't seem to find that case on their website. Can you please post the full order?


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