[Community-Discuss] The Looting of AFRINIC

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The problem I seem to be having at the moment with AfriNic is that is seems to be stumbling from one crisis to the next crisis with promises made by both the board and the new CEO to investigate/ report back/ resolve/ mediate etc.

I accept that the new CEO tenure has just started and that he has to figure out what is happening in these muddy waters and the CEO has given his undertaking to the community to investigate / report back and given a multitude commitments but the reality is that that these communication seem to have almost dried up.

There have been so many issues brought up by various people relating to everything from theft to corporate governance at AfriNic that the community can no longer wait for the odd communication from the CEO and/ or Board and that we the community are now needing the CEO / Board to start providing more regular & constant updates that would show that we as a community should trust or should begin to trust the CEO / Board that these issues are being handled correctly, legally and without fear or favour.

We seem to constantly be told that there are investigations happening but never seem to be given clear completion dates nor seem to be given answers after completion of said investigations. Investigation seem to be forever ongoing with no clear deadline for completion or extension of deadline if not complete by said date.

Every issue always seems to be confidential, yet the community is not clearly informed of outcomes of these investigations and that in itself is where the issue of trust starts failing.

As there are so many issues that seem to be ongoing, I would ask if the CEO / Board would start sending out regular communications at least twice monthly on updates / outcomes of any issues that are outstanding. These don't have to be long but could cover various points under review.

In my opinion, communication and trust is what is missing at the moment, these need to be restored by the CEO/Board


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>On a serious note, we need a proper investigation. Let's wait to hear

>from the CEO

Have any of us been doing otherwise, for lo these past three months now?

Have we been afforded any other choice in the matter?

Can AFRINIC clean its own stables?


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