[Community-Discuss] Internet shutdown in Africa

Ish Sookun ish.sookun at lasentinelle.mu
Tue Apr 30 18:32:14 UTC 2019

Hi Abdulkarim,

On 4/30/19 9:40 PM, ABDULKARIM AYOPO OLOYEDE wrote:
> Then my point about the "back door".
> What I mean is that what we know about the internet today is a richly
> interconnected network without a single killer switch.  The government
> can only speak to ISP's within their domain to shut down the internet
> within a country but there are other ways of bypassing that because of
> the interconnections. This can be bypassing local connections or even
> via the intranet of companies and so on. There are ways around it but
> not ideal. I mentioned that just so that we know that there is no single
> killer switch in a govermnet shutdown situation.  

Thank you for the clarification.

However, I look at it in a simple way. If I am an ordinary internet user
and my ISP cuts my internet access following a government order, then I
do not see an alternative that will allow me to access websites. For
example, if there is an internet shutdown in Mauritius I will not be
able to access www.afrinic.net.


Ish Sookun

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