[Community-Discuss] 06 April 2019 RPKI incident - Postmortem report

Saul Stein saul at enetworks.co.za
Wed Apr 10 13:43:58 UTC 2019


The issue I am referring to is another issue – I was told it was Javascript 

It was December 2018 – known issue for 3 weeks.

I think that Ben has the right idea – we need to move this to the RPKI list 
and manage expectations.



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The last issue I had, when no ROAs could be added, deleted etc, it was 
admitted that the issue was known about for over two weeks without anything 
on the announce list or being fixed! After escalation to the CEO and others 
it was fixed in a couple of hours!

I believe that is a mischaracterization of what happened…

An alert that the issue was pending was not acted upon for two weeks before 
the issue started. The issue was resolved within hours of when the issue 
started, if I understood the postmortem correctly.


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