[Community-Discuss] 06 April 2019 RPKI incident - Postmortem report

asiboh.francis at elude.in asiboh.francis at elude.in
Mon Apr 8 17:49:28 UTC 2019


Thank you for the report. However, it does not look professional that a
critical service of Afrinic is down for so long. Several times, the
"whois" service of Afrinic was down without any postmortem reports. This
is so ugly that only if someone complains over the mailing list only then
actions are taken. That's too in an unprofessional manner.

Mr. MBEYET, there are African companies who are running critical services
which are more reliable than Afrinic services. 

It is time for Afrinic to invest more in its core services. 

Board member of Afrinic, I am addressing to you all. Please, make sure
that Afrinic is maturely managing its resources and finance to support its
core services without which the future of Afrinic and the Internet will be
depressive, dull and bleak.

Francis ASIBOH
Network Engineer

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