[Community-Discuss] Reminder: Call for Comments on AFRINIC Bylaws

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Thu Nov 15 23:28:46 UTC 2018

I’ve just seen this – I’ve been on the road, and I have a serious question.

Is it really realistic to expect the community to comment on the bylaws in what amounts to a 4 and a half day time frame?

The bylaws are long – they are complex – and comments on them may indeed be detailed and in some cases require proper research before the comments are adequately articulated in a way that may actually be useful.

It is seriously not realistic to work with time frames like this – and I would ask that an additional week be given at minimum so that a proper job can be done – because quite frankly, a 4 and a half day time frame to submit comments on something as critically important as to this both AfriNIC in its current form and its future, and indeed the future of its business – smells more like ticking a box and rubber stamping claiming that the community was consulted – than an actual realistic proper consultation before making proposals.

If we’re going to call for comments on the bylaws – let us do so in a way that gives people adequate time to properly respond.


From: AFRINIC Communication <comm-announce at afrinic.net>
Date: Tuesday, 13 November 2018 at 15:20
To: "community-discuss at afrinic.net" <community-discuss at afrinic.net>
Subject: [Community-Discuss] Reminder: Call for Comments on AFRINIC Bylaws

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Dear Community,

The Governance Committee has decided to exercise one of its mandates, which is to look at the Bylaws periodically when the need arises. The current Bylaws have served AFRINIC for some time now. A review of the same is due.

There have been discussions on various section/articles before of the Bylaws, which basically may change the whole structure of the Bylaws.

As a follow up of the same, we invite the community to make comments on the various sections/articles of the Bylaws that you feel need improvement/adjustment/deletion. The comments period will end on 17th November 2018, where after, a draft document will be prepared from the comments collected from the community.

The Community is invited to send their comments to govcom at afrinic.net<mailto:govcom at afrinic.net>, no later than 23:59 UTC on 17 November 2018.


Chère communauté,

Le comité de gouvernance a décidé d'exercer l'un de ses mandats, qui consiste à examiner périodiquement les statuts d'AFRINIC lorsque le besoin se fait sentir. Les statuts en vigueur ont servi AFRINIC depuis un certain temps maintenant.

Un examen de ces statuts est désormais dû.

Il y a eu des discussions précédemment sur divers articles / sections des statuts, et celles-ci peuvent fondamentalement changer la structure des statuts.

En guise de suivi, nous invitons la communauté à commenter les différentes sections / articles des statuts qui, selon vous, nécessitent une amélioration / un ajustement / une suppression.

La période de commentaires se terminera le 17 novembre 2018, ensuite un document 'draft’ sera préparé à partir des commentaires recueillis auprès de la communauté.

La Communauté est invitée à envoyer ses commentaires à govcom at afrinic.net<mailto:govcom at afrinic.net> au plus tard le 17 novembre 2018 à 23h59 UTC
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