[Community-Discuss] Call for comments on proposed changes to AFRINIC fees

Saul Stein saul at enetworks.co.za
Fri May 25 10:32:37 UTC 2018

Sorry, just to add, I think its great to see a more linear pricing structure 
which will help members grow!

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Just a few pointers:

The document is slightly confusing as it discusses points without mentioning 
details, only to repeat everything with detail later on.

2.4 end users vs LIRs: difference ratio is contradictory. There should not 
be a difference in fee structure between end users and LIRs – the resource 
the use is identical.

2.5 one can’t expect the large members to cover the smaller ones.

2.6 ASN only fees, $200 for end users and LIRs – again, there is no 
difference between the entities and $1400 for just an ASN is crazy.

2.8 no mention of the allocation or assignment fee, but repeated in 3.3.2

3.3.1 please explain the difference in allocation process between LIRs and 
end users. Again, it’s the same work and so should carry the same fees. 
(same as for resources – same resources, should be the same fees)

3.5.1 please define per block. Is that $500 per allocation or per /24. 
Assuming is per allocation, this should be a sliding scale.

“Where transfers are due to mergers, acquisitions, or name changes, and 
where there is a

requirement for AFRINIC to evaluate the recipient organisation’s compliance 
with policy:

The fees under “Other transfers” will apply.”

This seems a contradiction.as :Other Transfers seems to deal with the same 

3.5.2 $1000 for internal transfers is ludicrous.

3.6.3    “For the purposes of this discount, critical infrastructure is as 
defined by any policy that specifically deals with critical infrastructure.”

That is not a definition

What category do INXes fall into?

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Subject: [Community-Discuss] Call for comments on proposed changes to 

Dear AFRINIC members and community,

The AFRINIC Board constituted a Fee Review Committee in 2017 to consider 
changes to AFRINIC’s fee structure.  The committee presented a report to the 
Board on 9 May 2018, with updates on 23 May 2018.  The report is published 
at < <https://afrinic.net/images/doc/fees-proposal-afrinic-20180523.pdf> 
https://afrinic.net/images/doc/fees-proposal-afrinic-20180523.pdf>.  A 
calculator that shows both existing and proposed fees is available at < 

In terms of Article 4.2(ii) of the AFRINIC Bylaws, the Board invites 
comments on the proposed new fees for a period of 60 days.  Comments should 
be sent to the community-discuss at afrinic.net <http://afrinic.net> 
mailing list, no later than 25 July 2018.

Best Regards,

Christian D. Bope, Ph.D

Chairman, AFRINIC Board

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