[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] Faulty result for Western Africa in AfriNIC AGMM Elections

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Let’s not abuse the word “community “ there are 92 members from South Africa mostly which if I remember rightly you had influence on 65 members and I think you personally controlled 18 or was it 13 votes out of a membership of over 1500 members.

That does not tell me community.

It smells like something else.

Using technicalities to achieve some as yet unclear objective.

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Oh Noah,

That’s not at all the case – this is a case of – why would an individual want to spend years on the board when boards are dominated by majority vote – and if you are in the minority have your hands tied and are unable to do a damn thing.

Why would members want to sit on a board that has – in direct conflict of interest – refused to subject themselves to a vote of no confidence by the community – that has refused any semblance of transparency – that dodged questions about financials being asked against the Q3 report saying they were only discussing the AFS – while knowing the AFS does not contain the breakdowns they were being questioned on (which by the way are not in the Q4 report) – that has publicly stated that they are not bound by the Mauritian code of corporate governance because, since it’s not a legal requirement, its optional.

Why would members want to sit on a board that has lost the faith of the community, when the community has demonstrated (loudly and clearly during the last vote) that they view what is happening as abhorrent – that my friend – doesn’t exactly add to your CV – in fact it’s the equivalent of putting a big black mark on your CV.

Until this board starts operating transparently, within the bounds of corporate governance, and acting in a manner that is consistent with accountability to members with an implicit acknowledgement that the members fund, and own this organisation – you will continue to have problems finding decent board candidates.

That is my view on this


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The Nomcom are on a tough gig as Mark says. It maybe wasn’t their fault not to get more candidates.

Nomcom work is only tough, if a certain segment of the membership decides not to support a certain candidate which is their right but then goes on to affect other qualified candidates.

I think every region should elect their own candidate and when on the board, they serve based on their fiduciary duties.

I know quite a few very qualified and good and reputable candidates who would love to stand and give leadership to Afrinic.

And who are these?

But those people don’t want to touch it given the state Afrinic is in right now.

They dont deserve to be. You can not claim to want to be part of the solution only when there are no challenges.

Kind regards.


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