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Dear N. Noah

2018-05-09 17:39 GMT+00:00 Noah <noah at neo.co.tz>:

> *1. ETHICS: *
> We can see from incontrovertible evidence shared in the chat messages that
> both Chair and his Vice acted unethically engaged the CEO to privately
> discuss HR issues related to a member of staff that even the CEO was
> unaware of but yet also entertained it.

How is chair and vice chair converstion with CEO about a something they
think is critical to company unethetical? I think they have right to share
their concerns.

Not you or me know the full story about this.

> In my humble opinion, these private chats alone were further evidence of
> unethical behavior with all the hallmarks of work-place harassment if you
> consider the contents showed in those discussions;
> - the Directors undermined a member of staff who up to this point had been
> regarded as competent with unduly excessive and unfair criticism,
> deliberately constraining their ability to perform their duty

Again, not you or I or anyone can determine competence of said staff base
on the leak. You must also know of another board member at the time who
report on this list that he is willing to testify to investigation and "it
will not be on the staff's side".

> - the Directors made threats/comments about the staff that relate to the
> employees job security without foundation and this is a form of work-place
> harassment.

Maybe instead of jump to conclusion, you can ask what the chair and vice
chair foundation was.  Since none of us work at company or are board, we
don't know that.

> Let me also point out to this community and the board, what I believe
> would be additional forms of harassment both ethically and morally.
> - Insulting someone
> - Unfair treatment based on gender or language
> - Other misuses of power or position
> Again, from the document that found itself on the mailing list, it was
> pretty obvious to all of us that  inappropriate language was used by a
> member of staff and from your communication

That should be responsiblility of HR and ultimely CEO no? If you want make
this an issue, then you must also call for their resignation for not handle
this internal staff harrassement leading to it being escalate to board and
now in this court of public opinion (without all the facts)

While I have no problem with board related parts of report being disclose
her, all parts about staff must remain confidential and internal to AFRINIC.

> I therefore call upon the board and management to sort out the looming
> human resource challenge facing AfriNIC today.

Wait!!!! will that not be interfering? Is that not job of CEO and HR?

> To conclude my submission, let me point out that the resolution passed by
> the board to task the GC to come up with Terms of Reference for the
> Investigation Committee in order to avoid conflict of interest on the past
> of the entire board was the proper thing to do and this reasoning should be
> followed to the end though I am surprised that the board tasked the GC to
> formulate the ToR, engage an IC but did not consider the privacy and
> confidentiality Implications of the process when it was clear that the
> community requested and expected an independent assessment of the situation
> and not a board view of the assessment.

Need for accountability must not exceed need to keep any confidential staff
issue in that report private.

> It is more surprising that the board did not anticipate the course of
> things and has now requested for more time to go through the report  and so
> far we have not heard of any concrete actions or measures taken towards the
> staff issues.

Wait!!! ... do you want board to give us concrete actions to solve staff
issue? Is that not CEO and HR job?

> Its my personal recommendation that the board send back the report to the
> GC who should engage the IC to come up with a report that will not have
> legal implications to the organization due to the local Data Protection
> Laws. This should then be shared with the community and membership in my
> humble opinion.

You and I agree on this conclusion.  But unfortunate, since both issues are
link very tightly, I suspect some member of this community will always be
unhappy with that outcome.

Maybe, the board may be cover up something
Maybe, management may be cover up something

We dont know. Trust must start somewhere. If we cannot trust them, then
maybe time to replace the hierachie with people that we can trust so they
can do the work.

> In terms of governance going forward, I believe the community and  the
> membership want to see measures in place that will ensure a safe and
> conducive working environment for the staff and the organization at large.
> The board still has great opportunity to sort out a whole range of issues
> including improvement of existing measures in place.

For the no. 3 time. That is job of CEO and HR. CEO is responsable for that
to this community, not the board. Board' job is to judge whether that is
the case.

Borg le Chevalier
"Common sense is what tells us the world is flat"
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