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very will said Dr. Barry, 

I just want our people don't be drawn to inappropriate talk through provocative posts. 

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> You will tell us in this community that we are fools if we cannot be convinced that you and your friends are the authors of that message. what are you talking about. 

I (or any of my friends as far as I am aware) had nothing to do with the publication of that message. As far as I can see everything in that article is based on the contents of this (public) mailing list. I don't think there is anybody to blame except the people who made the mess happen in the first place... 

I agree that the people who "made the mess happen" are to blame. But also those who are amplifying the situation (that is serious enough) by spreading the "bad news". It doesn't help the organization in any way. 

This community is strong enough to address the issue and get things that went wrong fixed. 




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