[Community-Discuss] How to add Board suspension and removal procedure by members in AfriNIC’s Bylaws

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Fri Mar 23 11:13:07 UTC 2018

Dear Hountomey Jean Robert, 

The governance committee acknowledge reception of your request . 


Wafa Dahmani 

Chair of the governance committee 

De: "Hountomey Jean Robert" <jrhountomey at gmail.com> 
À: community-discuss at afrinic.net 
Envoyé: Jeudi 22 Mars 2018 20:20:31 
Objet: [Community-Discuss] How to add Board suspension and removal procedure by members in AfriNIC’s Bylaws 

March 22, 2018 

Governance Committee 

African Network Information centre 


11th Floor, Standard Chartered Tower 

19, Cybercity Ebène 

Republic of Mauritius 

Attention: Wafa Dahmani, Chair of the Governance Committee 

Attention: Alan Barret, Chief Executive Officer 

Attention: Chairman of the Board 

Dear Members of the AfriNIC Governance Committee; 

Subject: How to add Board suspension and removal procedure by members in AfriNIC’s Bylaws 

Understanding your role to advise “the AFRINIC Board, AFRINIC Membership, and the community, on matters of governance” as described in section 1. Purpose of the AFRINIC Governance Committee Terms of Reference (1); 

Considering that you conducted previously a bylaws review (2) as announced in a letter to the community (3); 

Acknowledging the content of the Governance Committee Guidelines Sections B.E (4); 

After reading AfriNIC bylaws Section 13: Appointment of Directors, Section 14: Removal of Directors (5) and the Companies Act 2001 of Mauritius as amended from time to time; and its Section 139 as cited in the Bylaws but also its section 138; 

Taking into consideration that other RIRs; RIPE NCC (6) Article 9, and ARIN (7) Article IV have a process for removal / suspension from Office by the General Meeting for the former or the General Members by the latter; 

Understanding a Board’s fundamental, legal responsibility to provide oversight and accountability for an organization, and being grateful to AfriNIC’s Board, I would like to ask the following questions: 

1. Do we have a procedure at AfriNIC for members to remove a Director (Board) with or without cause since Directors are appointed by members? 

2. If yes, what is the procedure, if no how can such a procedure be implemented? 

3. How can the Power of Members as described in Section 7 of the Bylaws be extended to remove a Board Member? 

4. What changes in the Bylaws such a procedure will require? 

5. If introduced when can it be effective? 

Hoping that you share our enthusiasm of providing AfriNIC with effective corporate governance framework, I look forward to a prompt reply. 

Sincerely yours, 

Jean-Robert Hountomey, 


(1). https://afrinic.net/en/about/governance-committee/1891-afrinic-governance-committee-terms-of-reference 

(2). https://afrinic.net/images/20170216-Minutes_GovCom.pdf 

(3). https://afrinic.net/images/20170523-GovCom-Letter.pdf 

(4). https://afrinic.net/en/about/governance-committee/governance-committee-documents/2245-governance-committe-guidelines 

(5). https://afrinic.net/images/AFRINIC_Constitution_2016.pdf 

(6). https://www.ripe.net/publications/docs/ripe-602 

(7). https://www.arin.net/about_us/corp_docs/bylaws.html 

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