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> OH Ok
> I have the answer to one of my previous question here:
> The Board is seeking legal advice on whether or not there has been a
> breach of any NDA, and expects to receive an answer by 30 March 2018.
> That said, i can understand clearly that the acknowledge from the person
> itself was a mistake OR some members of the community misunderstood what he
> meant.
> We are now moving into the world of technicalities
> So looks like there’s an argument that as much as information was released
> to junior members off staff as much as inappropriate that might have been
> it was not a breach and thus we should take it as acceptable slap the
> member on the wrist tell him not to do it again and life goes on.

T.I.A This is Africa and our typical mentality where folks get used to
successfully manipulating the electorate/community and don't realize when
the game is up.

We will never stand dishonesty and unethical behavior especially when its
from leaders.

We shall now take this to the membership and fix this mess once and for all
since the 9 members can no-longer represent our collective interest.

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