[Community-Discuss] Allegation of Harassment

Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Wed Mar 21 06:41:28 UTC 2018

Dear All,

Its unsual for me to keep this quite but i will where a members hat and the
community hat and state my view point in this serious matter.

On Tue, 20 Mar 2018, 6:52 p.m. Sunday Folayan, <sfolayan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Since you and a number of people fail to heed the warning that what you
> have is an allegation, Since a number of people cannot read between the
> lines, Since silence is no longer golden but seen as cowadice, I remind you
> again that this remains an allegation and I shall respond appropriately to
> the GC whenever they request of it.

I am unusually quite especially in the wake of this unproffessional conduct
by yourself that is putting the organisation at risk "considering your

Abraham Lincoln coined that;

" You can fool some of the people all the time and all of the people some
of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all the time."

In otherword, the GC and the Investigation committee will go on and
investigate complains of "moral harrassment", "sexual harrassment" and
"usage of inappropriate language in the work place" that is Afrinic and
come up with a report that will be subjected to the board "save for the
conflict of interest" and later be shared with this community.  So the
justice line of "Innocent until proven guilty: shall apply here in the
meantime" for justice must prevail.

However, however, however, lets me make some thing very very clear, that
there is the real issue of the unproffessional conduct which involves the
violation of the NDA as a board member and the disregards of ethics and

In your own words and I will quote you below.

 "I do acknowledge that I shared a chat (with the best intentions) which
should have been treated with more caution, no matter how good the
intention was."

So in you own wisdom, you really believe this community is foolish. The
information you shared in that chat/chats was not for staff consumption as
it was under the perview of the board as it involves Afrinic operations.

How does sharing such information as a board member with a junior staff
member who is a subodinate of the CEO and you bragging about it based on
the chat content in any way "good intension" as you put it.

This is the worst level of unproffessionalism I have ever come across if
you asked me. You sharing what a sus-section of the board have discussed in
terms of the human resources of the organisation with "Nadage" knowing very
well that you had also discussed the same issue privately with the CEO and
then you go ahead and share such chats with Nadage is completely out of
order and undermined the CEO.

Did it ever cross your mind that by you sharing such information and more
with a junior staff and a subordinate of the CEO;

1.That the act of chats sharing would cause a situation of insabodination
when a junior staff has access to such information about their own manager
and how it would affect their relationship as a team and how it would
undermine Alan Barrett as a CEO.

2. You sharing those chats, clearly made a mockery out of the CEO to his
subordinates who see him as their leader in the organisation.

3.You sharing those chats have painted a very wrong image of the perception
the a group of board members think of a certain section of this community
with the whole "Francos" and "Trouble makers" comments.

4.You sharing those chats have reminded us all the dangerous situations an
organisation can find itself when board members start discussing board
business and operation issues with subodinate members of staff where a CEO

5.Is it boards role to promise staff job security, protection and
promotions depending on how close they are to the board members?. What kind
of habit is this?

6. You sharing those chats, have led Afrinic into the situation it finds
itself right now with the rest of the RIR community looking at how a hell
of a mess Afrinic has become in terms of Leadership and how "bad leadership
skills" can pretty much ruin an organisation.

And i shall ask;

Where is the privacy?
Where is the ethics?
Where is the intetgrity?
Where is that level of proffessionalism leader must have?

We can all seat here and act like this is just some joke about one or two
staff complaining but Sunday Folayani's behaviour is totally out of order
come rain come shine.

Sunday I call upon you to stepdown from the board based on the fact that
you are very unproffessional and unethical in my view.

And for the rest of the membership, with or without elections, we have to
fix this mess and I call upon you all to help fix this mess.

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